Download Google Play Store Installer for EMUI 10


A new version of Google Core Services installer is available for EMUI 10 and below. From here, you can download the Google Play Store Installer for EMUI 10. The Play Store and Google Services Framework installer will work on the EMUI 9 and previous EMUI versions as well.

Google Play Store Installer for EMUI 10

Before you learn how you can download Play Store and Play Services on EMUI 10, let me give you a brief idea of what these services are and why you need to install them manually.

Missing Play Store & Services on Huawei & Honor phones

Up until now, it was only the Chinese Huawei and Honor smartphones that missed Google Apps like the Play Store, Play Services, Gmail, etc. Starting from August 2019, almost all the upcoming Huawei/Honor handsets will follow the Chinese model and miss on the Google Apps. Here is why this is going to happen.

Previously, the Chinese government’s rules and regulations didn’t let the Chinese phone makers pre-load any Google Apps on the phones in their respective region. The users, however, used various tricks to sideload Google Apps. Huawei closed the door for all workarounds with the EMUI 9 as well. The great firewall of China made it even more difficult for Huawei and Honor phone owners to use any of those Google Apps.

It looks like the Chinese government’s ban wasn’t enough, the US government put a ban on Huawei to do business with any of the US companies. As a result, all the Huawei and Honor phones coming after the US-China trade war will not have anything called the Google Apps.

EMUI 10 – The Victim

The Huawei Mate 30 was the first victim of the repercussions. The new Mate 30 series does not have the Play Store, Play Services, Gmail, Calendar, and any other Google Apps.

Now here is what exactly happened. With the EMUI 9, Huawei itself blocked all the ways to install the Google Core Services. Later on, the ban put by US President killed the chances of Google Core on the EMUI 10.

Google Play Store Installer for EMUI 10

If you have no Google Mobile Services [GMS] running on your phone, you cannot install the Play Store either.

So, to have the Play Store running on the Huawei or Honor device, you must somehow install the Core GMS on the phone.

Fortunately, a new version of the Google Core GMS Installer has made it to the internet. This new version makes it incredibly easy to sideload the Play Store on the EMUI 10 and prior which is why I’d like to call it the Google Play Store installer. 

For those who don’t know, EMUI 10 is the latest iteration of Huawei’s in-house UI. The EMUI 10 is based on the Android 10. EMUI 9 was based on Android 9 Pie and EMUI 8 was based on Android Oreo.

You can download the new Google Core GMS Installer which is also the Play Store Installer for the EMUI 10 from below.

Download Google Play Store Installer for EMUI 10, EMUI 9 & Below

  • Google Core GMS/Play Store InstallerDownload
  1. Copy the APK to your Huawei or Honor phone.
  2. Open the APK using a File Manager.
  3. This is in Chinese, so just click on the big blue button in the middle of the screen.
  4. Let the application install all the Google Framework Apps.
  5. If the app asks for any permissions, allow it.
  6. Finish the installation.
  7. You can find the Play Store in the app drawer.
  8. Launch the Play Store and download/install any apps you want. That’s all.

That’s pretty much all. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to me through the comments section below. I will try my best to help you out.

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