Download Fortnite of Battle Royale for PC and Laptop


Fortnite developers just announced their plans for bringing this game to Android and iOS and its Knock-offs already started pouring in. Fornite of Battle Royale is one of those Knock-offs as well. The game is getting popular because people are confusing it with the actual Fortnite. The real Fortnite is not going to be around anytime soon. However, if you just want to taste the concept of Fortnite, you can do that by playing a replica as well.Fortnite of Battle Royale for PC


Fortnite of Battle Royale – Gameplay

Fortnite of Battle Royale is a new addition to the survival genre. The game is about making your way to a city that has become more of a battlefield now. There are players who are fighting for their survival. As soon as you make your way to the city, you have to find the weapons which will help you with your defense. You have to kill your enemies the moment you see them. If you find some animals and some birds passing by, you can shoot them as well. Players have to find weapons including Snipers, Grenades and machine guns. Players can chop off the trees, they can break into the houses, they can smash the stuff placed around.

Fortnite of Battle Royale for PC

Fortnite of Battle Royale is not a very well crafted game. If you just want to play a game like Fortnite out of desperation, then there’s no harm in giving this game a try. Here in this guide, you will learn how to download and install the Fornite of Battle Royale for PC. Have a look at the steps below to play Fortnite of Battle Royale for PC on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Fortnite of Battle Royale for PCFortnite of Battle Royale for PC

Download Fortnite of Battle Royale for PC using Nox App Player – Windows/Mac

  1. Download and install Nox App Player on your computer.
  2. Now download the Fortnite of Battle Royale APK.
  3. Double-click the downloaded Fortnite of Battle Royale APK to start its installation via Nox App Player.
  4. Wait a minute and let Nox install the APK file now.
  5. Once the APK has been installed, it will appear on the home-screen of Nox.
  6. You can now click on the Fortnite of Battle Royale icon in Nox to launch it.
  7. Download the game data and proceed with the on-screen instructions now.
  8. The game won’t take too long to run now. You’re all set to play it now. That’s all.

Download Fortnite of Battle Royale for PC using BlueStacks 3 – Windows only

  1. Download, install and setup BlueStacks 3 on your computer. Mac users can download and install BlueStacks instead.
  2. Download Fortnite of Battle Royale APK.
  3. Now open BlueStacks 3 and then open My Apps tab.
  4. Click on the “Install APK” button located inside BlueStacks 3.
  5. Locate and select the Fortnite of Battle Royale APK. Let BlueStacks 3 install it.
  6. Once the installation comes to an end, Fortnite of Battle Royale will appear in the My Apps section. It will also appear as a shortcut on your computer’s desktop.
  7. You can open Fortnite of Battle Royale now. Follow on-screen instructions to run it within BlueStacks 3.
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