Download Aptoide on Huawei and Honor devices


This is the guide to download Aptoide on Huawei and Honor smartphones. Aptoide is going to replace Google Play Store on Huawei phones. Huawei is already in talks with Aptoide to provide its services since the Play Store support is coming to an end. Before Huawei officially urges its users to install Aptoide, you can use this guide to install Aptoide already.

Download Aptoide on Huawei
A Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Aptoide on it

You will install Aptoide on Huawei and Honor handsets to replace the Play Store, but why is the Play Store going away? Well, let’s get the answers to a few questions.

Huawei is in the Cumulonimbus

May 19, 2019, is the day when hell broke loose on Huawei. Google announced to cut its ties off with Huawei. This measure came out as a result of President Trump’s trade war. Huawei no longer has access to Google’s Android ecosystem or any of Google’s apps. The repercussions of this ban on Huawei will affect all of Huawei’s subsidiaries. Not only that, but the Huawei consumers are also going to face the wrath of this ban. If you don’t know much about this ban, and as a Huawei & Honor smartphone owner, you have no idea how this ban is going to affect you, then, let me break it down for all of you.

For the past 2 years, the US government has been examining Huawei for the backdoor channels in its smartphones and networking equipment. According to the US authorities, Huawei uses shady channels in its devices to pull the personal data of users for the Chinese government. For this reason, the Huawei smartphones were never allowed into the US.

The US BAN on Huawei – it happened!

Making the backdoor channels a base, the US President announced a ban on the Huawei corporation on the 19th of May. As a result of this ban, all the US companies that had been doing business with Huawei, they were told to walk away from Huawei immediately. Google was the very first company to implement the orders of the executive authorities.

Google to Huawei – Good Bye!

Google announced that its pulling Huawei’s Android license. This means that Huawei will no longer have access to the Google-built Android. This also means that Huawei phones will not get any further Android updates. This also meant that Huawei phones will no longer run any Google apps. 

This action by Google will not affect the existing Huawei and Honor users, but the future Huawei or Honor devices are going to have a serious problem. In fact, at this point, we are not even sure if we will see Huawei making any further Android handsets or not. Now here is why I think this.

So, while all this is happening, what are the takeaways for Huawei and Honor users? Take a look at these few points.

Future of Huawei and Honor smartphone users

  • Existing Huawei and Honor phone users will not be affected. They will get all Android security updates, but they might miss on the next iteration of Android i.e. Android Q.
  • The Google Apps including the Google Play and others will keep working on existing Huawei phones.
  • Future Huawei and Honor phones will not have the official Google-built Android. They will use the AOSP version of Android (Only if Huawei wants).
  • Huawei might use its own OS on future devices. The HongMeng OS is in the news these days.
  • Huawei is already looking at the Play Store alternatives. It’s talking with Aptoide to replace Play Store in its devices
  • The situation that looks extremely bad right now, this full-of-curse saga may come to an end and things might turn back to normal.

Aptoide on Huawei and Honor

Now that you know that Aptoide is coming to Huawei and Honor phones, then why wait? You can install it right now on your own. Before you install Aptoide, I will give you an idea about this store.

Aptoide, with over 200 Million users, is one of the biggest Play Store alternatives. It has got all the apps that you will find in the Play Store. Aptoide does have many apps that are hard to find on the Play Store. It’s got all the categories and the apps are sorted into their respective categories.

Aptoide provides developers a very friendly process to submit their apps. Unlike Google, the screening process of Aptoide is not very tough. Developers who can’t publish their apps on the Play Store, they can definitely give a try to Aptoide. App developers can create their mini stores on Aptoide.

Aptoide APK

The apps uploaded on Aptoide are first checked by the developers of Aptoide and then assigned a trusted symbol. If an app doesn’t have a trusted symbol, you may not install it. The apps with trusted symbol are completely safe and secure. This is one way of know what apps are good to install through Aptoide.

On the Play Store, the only way to purchase an app is through your credit card by spending $s. Here on Aptoide, you can use a cryptocurrency “AppCoins” to purchase apps. Aptoide is the world’s first App Store that supports cryptocurrencies.

Having said that, let’s move on to the method to download Aptoide on Huawei and Honor phones.

Download Aptoide on Huawei and Honor

  1. First of all, download the Aptoide APK from here.
  2. Copy the Aptoide APK to your Huawei or Honor phone.
  3. Using a File Manager, open the Aptoide installer APK.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions and install the Aptoide Store.
  5. Once done with the installation, open Aptoide from the app drawer.
  6. Accept all the permission.
  7. You have the store now. You may log in if you want. You can use Aptoide without logging in too.

Remember that the way Aptoide installs apps is a bit different. Aptoide will first download the APK of an app and then install it. There is a little bit of manual doing here. For example, after download the APK, you will have to manually press the install button to install an app. Yes, it is not as good as the Play Store, but when you have no Play Store, Aptoide is going to be your life savior.

Wrap Up

That’s all. I hope you guys find this guide useful. If you have found it good enough to download Aptoide on Huawei & Honor handset, don’t forget to drop your feedback below. In case you have any queries/questions, feel free to reach out to us.


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