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PUBG mobile launched by ‘Tencent’ in last few years spread like wildfire, conquering through almost every mobile out there and was managed to make an annual turnover of 30 million dollars. So EA has decided to tie the laces up and get down to the royal rumble of Battle Royale games that are focused on ultimate survival and launch a brand new game Apex Legends. APEX LEGENDS for PC..Here is the detailed guide about the latest PC version game APEX LEGENDS.


Apex Legends is a tactical squad-based battle royale that has wishes to galvanize the outlands. It tests one’s ultimate skill of survival, you win or you die. EA has done a lot of homework on what the people actually want and has come up with an exciting interface and thrilling game experience. Moreover, apart from the EA’s nature of charging money, this game is totally free of cost. This post will decipher the pc requirements and the key features of its gameplay.



Unlike PUBG PC which is claimed to be an unfinished master piece, since it asks a lot to run smoothly, ‘Apex’ comes out to be an optimized one. EA has focused on the number of users all around the world and has provided the ability to the game to run with some basic requirements also.



Minimum requirements are:-

OS: 64-bit Windows 7

CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor


GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7700


HARD DRIVE: Minimum 30 GB of free space

Those requirements don’t look bad when it comes to a multiplayer game with such features and basic detailing.


The minimum requirements will be able to run the game just fine. For the gamers out there those who wish to boost up their gaming experience these are the recommended:-

OS: 64-bit Windows 7

CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent


GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290


HARD DRIVE: Minimum 30 GB of free space


It’s great if one is having all the best specs possible but the game also provides the in-game setting options that will also help to optimize the game performance and will fire up the experience.

It possesses graphic controls like adaptive FPS controls, adaptive sampling, and anti- aliasing with different options to choose. It also has a range of aspect ratio to choose from with a feature for the color-blind users. What’s fascinating is has some special provisions like converting the text chats into speech and vice-versa, but at present, it is only available in English only.

Lastly wrapping up with all the basic options like spectate, various DPI settings for mouse, graphic detail and volume settings and additional provision for gamepad control with sensitivity.



The gameplay is the key of every multiplayer game available. Apex Legends has a lot of giving away in its treasure chest. Listing few:-



As the title suggest this spectacle is nothing without the legends and larger than life characters. Each and every character has its own special abilities and trump feature while in action.


One will never want to mess with this big guy, whose presence can be felt for every passing second in a round. He is equipped with heavy gun carrying ability and inclined to heavy and strong impact whenever he fires.


He is the fan favorite jokester including the one and only ‘shroud’, one of the skilled and popular gamers around the world. Mirage has great command on holo-technology and that makes him a master of deception. He will make you wonder which one is real as he has the ability to deploy the decoys to distract the enemy.


Stealth is the key to this character. He is a mysterious hunter that quietly stalks their prey and the prey is dead. The target will be having no idea when and from where it will hit.


The tormented character who trusts the voices in her head and has the ability to surf through multiple dimensions. She’s the doctor strange in this game. Peek-a-boo and the enemy is eliminated.


The weapon expert and the offensive powerhouse. She’s quick and gets the work done. She pierces the enemy heart with countless bullets, without running out of ammo.


The medic on the grounds. Her life saving and package carrying ability is a game changer in critical situations.


He is a scouting expert equipped with a zip line and a hook. A scouting expert that will see the enemy long before he sees him.


A complete sociopath killer that uses his highly toxic chemicals and his prey run out of breath while he envies his or final moments.


Apex doesn’t have an option to choose maps to play in. Right now it contains only one map called ‘king’s canyon’. Unlike PUBG maps like Erangel and Shanhok which you will be an eagle to find an opponent, here one is well exposed. So one has to plan accordingly to make any move. But the varied landscape does offer you various challenges to face and as the rule suggests you have to be in the circle as it shrinks.

It all starts with a drop. A drop master is selected among all the team members and the drop master who decides where to land. It is important to pick a place with appropriate loot to land since one may find a fight in the first step only. So players should try to get all the elite gears as possible.


Apex arena constitutes of some robust arsenal and gears. Starting from agile SMGs, heavy hitting shotguns to deadly light machine guns and the ultimate energy guns, you name it, apex has it all.


If one feels like you are cornered or got stuck in the storm then he or she can rush to the transportation towers and fly away. Like fornite, Apex provides a futuristic jet pack to fly around.


It is crucial for the entire squad to stay alive. So one when knocked down he or she can be revived. In worst case scenario if one dies then the team players have the ability to pick up the banner cards and rush to respawn sites and call the dead teammate back to the ground but it will leave the entire team exposed and the new player will not have any gear to start with.


The key to win is to survive but the true glory comes with the legend style. As one climbs up high it will provide more and more options to customize the guns gears and appearance. The ranks will be displayed on the in-game banners with the kills to show who the boss is.

EA in collaboration with ‘Respawn’ has put a lot of efforts and has done a hell lot of homework to make this game exciting. It has already drawn much attention and remaining is to wait and see how the game rolls out.

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