Download and install Play Store on EMUI 9


Got a Huawei or Honor phone running on EMUI 9 without Play Store? It’s time to install it. Here is the guide with comprehensive steps to install Play Store on EMUI 9 powered Huawei and Honor Chinese phones.

install Play Store on EMUI 9
Honor 8X and Y9.

A couple of months back, I posted a tutorial to install Google Play Store on Huawei Honor 8X and 8X Max. The tutorial did not only work for the Honor 8X and 8X Max, but it also worked for a number of other phones too. Basically, that tutorial installed Play Store on all Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 8. Later on, Huawei released the Android 9 update which brought the EMUI 9 update to the devices. That’s when that guide stopped working. A huge number of Huawei and Honor phones reached to me telling me that the Play Store stopped working. They were unable to install the Play Store again on the latest version of EMUI 9. Since then, I have been trying hard to get the Play Store working on the EMUI 9. I did a lot of research on the internet to see if someone has already posted a method or not, but there was no word about it.

Why no Play Store?

The Play Store problem is basically with the Chinese variants of Huawei and Honor phones. For example, if you purchased your phone under warranty from any country other than China, it probably has the Play Store. You do not need to worry about such a device. The real problem is for the Chinese Huawei and Honor owners. The Chinese variants are usually a bit cheaper, but the downside is that you compromise on a number of Apps. Chinese phones do not even have Facebook, WhatsApp. You cannot even install the apps of your choice as you do not have Play Store. The entire Google Core GMS is missing on the Huawei and Honor Chinese devices.

The Play Store.

Workarounds So Far

There are workarounds to get the Google Apps working on those phones, but the workarounds die when the companies update their phones to the new version of Android. The same happened when Huawei updated its devices from EMUI 8 to EMUI 9.

It’s already there!

Now there is a huge catch. On the EMUI 8, the GMS package was missing. This is why users had to install the whole package using GMS Installer and then install the Play Services, Play Store, Calendar, etc using Google Installer. With the EMUI 9 things have changed, and they have changed for good.

The EMUI 9 has the Core GMS installed by default. The only thing you have to do is to install the Play Store manually using its APK file. I figured this out when I was using a Xiaomi Mi 9. While trying to install GMS, the Mi 9 gave me a hint that it already has GMS. All I had to do was to install Google Play Store on the Xiaomi Mi 9. After this, I did some research for EMUI 9 and found the same.

The Solution to install Play Store on EMUI 9

So, in this guide, in the upcoming few steps, I will show you how you can install the Google Play Store on EMUI 9. Remember this guide will work for all the Huawei and Honor phones out there.

Huawei EMUI 9

Install Play Store on EMUI 9

Update 9/25/2019: A new Google Core Framework is now available which works flawlessly on EMUI 10 and below. It will also work for EMUI 9. I have added the link below and you can install it.

  1. Download Google Play Core Installer.
  2. Copy the APK to your phone.
  3. Using a File Manager, open the APK file on the phone.
  4. If the APK asks for permissions for installation, allow the Unknown Sources immediately.
  5. Now finish the Play Store and other Google Framework Services installation on the phone.
  6. Once done, you will have the Play Store on the home screen of the phone.
  7. Launch the Play Store and enjoy. That’s all.

Note: Play Services are already there on the phone. You don’t need to install them.

Final Words

That’s how simple it was. By now, you have the Play Store up and running on your EMUI 9 running on any Huawei or Honor phone. If you are living inside China, you may get a VPN for Chinese Android phone to run the Play Store. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to me through the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Stay connected. Thank you all.

Last Updated: 26th October 2019


Usama is a software engineer by profession and at he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.


  1. Unfortunately in my honor 10 lite does not work.

    When I open the playstore, a white screen appears and closes.

    • But you were able to install play store.
      Only white screen issue now? If so we can fix the white screen too now.

      • Actually, I’ve never been able to make the playstore work.

        I already tried to install GMS and the playstore but it also did not work.

        The phone already came with the EMUI 9 when I bought it.

        • When you installed the GMS Installer, did your phone give you any error?
          Can you tell me the model number of your phone, and what country did you buy this phone from?
          A few more details will help me.

        • Another thing you can do is, open the App Store on your phone and change the country to China. After this, search for Play Store in App Store and let me know if you find anything.

          • When installing GMS the phone reboot and it appears that EMUI is updating, after a few seconds the update is done successfully and the phone started but when checking the applications it is possible to see that google play services has not been installed.

            The model of the phone is: Honor 10 Lite HRY-AL00 and is in EMUI 9 version. I bought this phone in China.

            The app store is AppGallery. The result for Play Store is this:

            I tried installing the first “Google Play Store” app but the same white screen problem happens.

            Thank you for the help.

          • Igor. Let’s find out a solution at our best now.
            Can you try installing a Google Play Services APK?
            If you don’t know how to download the Play Services APK, download the Droid Info APK on your phone and tell me the DPI and architecture of your phone. I will find the APK for your phone and give you.
            If the Play Store is appearing in the App Gallery, it can be installed too.

            Before you try play services, try uninstalling everything that the GMS installer installed in your phone. Restart the phone and then again try installing Play Store from AppGallery. Let me know about these solutions.

          • I downloaded the Droid Info. The DPI is 480 and the architecture arm64-v8a:

            I downloaded the Google Play Services apk from apkmirror. I tested two versions 16.7.94 beta and 16.0.89 both “arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a Android 9.0+ 480dpi”. And it was possible to verify that Google Play Services was actually installed in the settings.

            I did the procedure to restart my phone and install Google Play through the appstore, but the same white screen problem happened.

            One thing I could verify is that the phone recognized Google Play Services because on the uber screen the following appeared but did not leave this screen:

          • Yep. The Play Services was already there, that’s why I talked about installing Play Store in the tutorial above as this method worked for me on one phone.
            In my opinion, as you tried installing the GMS installer previously, it messed up something on your phone.
            These are the last two things that you may try.
            1. Open settings > Apps > Play Services > Clear cache and data. Similarly, clear Play Store cache and data. Restart the phone. Launch Play Store again.
            2. Factory reset your phone and just install the Play Store APK.
            3. If you are in China, use VPN and check again. Outside China, you have only two solutions above.

      • Honor 8x max 《ARE-AL008.2.0.167(C00patch01)》 china rom not woking google play service, not installed GMS and finaly Google play store not open. Please help me. From Bangladesh.

      • I too have exactly the same problem ,it downloaded and loaded perfectly. But white screen only. Also no Gmail now as well stating unable to connect to server. But if I sign in using classic veiw on andriod and open Gmail in Google app it loads instantly

      • I have also gone back to 8.2 it worked ok for a while then there was a security update on the 21/09/2019 and now it’s back to white screen on Playstore and no GMAIL connection

  2. @UsamaM I have the same situation as Moritz on my Honor 8X bought in China

    In my case the phone does not have the Play Services after factory reset (EMUI 9.0.1). Installing this latest Play Store, the installation process is successful, but when launching it, it force closes (phone goes back to home screen after a brief blink). I also checked in Accounts, GMS are not there as the Google account is not present.

    Installing GMSanzhuangqi + GMSinstaller 3.0 + latest Play Store from this post (where not installing the PlayStore from the GMS or installing it first and then uninstalling it), it results in Moritz situation: the installation is successful, but after opening the Play Store and clicking on the Sign In button, nothing happens (specifically, the click is registered but the screen remains there. there is just the faded animation of pressing thebutton and then it goes back to its previous green)

    Moreover, i also this time tried this process both with my huawei id registered in china as ell as by registering a new id in italy (off course i unlinked the previous chinese id before changing it), this however did not change the situation whatsoever.

    After all the possible solutions put forward online for this EMUI upgrade and previous solutions from 2018, I see that the issue is not much installing the PlayStore (which installs). The issue seems to reside with the functioning of the Google Account, without which Play Store, Google account, Contacts Sinchronization, Gmail, Youtube, and all Google services cannot work. In fact, after installing GMS, and trying to add a Google account, this apperars as an option in the Accounts list, but upon clicking on it, the screen crashes and reverts to Add Account, making it impossible to add it and therefore to log into any of the Play Services (After Factory Reset, no Google Account option in the accounts list)

    Does all of this make any sense @UsamaM ?? I mean, that the issue resides in the EMUI blocking the use of the Google account when any of the Play services makes a request to sign in into it, effectively therefore blocking the use of any of the services and apps? i’m not versed into coding apps, but could there be a workaround so that the request of the google account is somehow masked to the EMUI but it can still reach the apps and allow them to sign in?

    • Same situation here… I have honor 8x china version set. Updated it from EMUI 8. 2 TO EMUI 9.0 . and google play crashed. I repeated every single step as discussed in this chat but not succeeded… 😒😒😒

    • On the chinese phones it seems they locked google play store by adding a fake playstore app with higher version number , when i tried installing playstore app using adb it says you are trying to install an older version when there wasn’t any playstore app installed on phone

  3. I had the same situation like Moritz. After done all your practical steps, the screen stays in “sign in” forever, no matter how many times I pressed “sign in”
    This is the brand new phone Huawei Nova 4E from China and. I stay in Vietnam

    • after further researchs i checked the update notes from huawei , they mentioned that the google play service causes the system to freeze so they ask to not install it on this version.
      to make the google play service work on chinese version it needs to be installed as system app and that’s what gms installer used to do on the previous emui versions but it can’t do it on version 9
      best thing you can do for now is download the hisuite software on laptop press update then chose downgrade to version 8.

  4. Not work to me too. The solutions looks like flash another rom… or wait another solutions more ahead…

  5. I have just bought Huawei Nova 4e from china last week and it come with built in emui 9.0 . I haven’t updated it from 8.0 but my phone is new and it already has 9.0 . Can I downgrade it to 8.0 ? Or there is another possible method.

  6. I am in China and I had bought honor 8x in October 2018. Of course, GMS worked at that time. When I upgraded from android 8 to 9 in honor 8x last week, I remember I could install play store and when I tap it one or twice white screen appeared, the same case with youtube. Only the white screen was loading. VPN was also not connecting I thought it was not working. So I followed GMS installer, google installer. But that doesn’t work, google crashed every time. I have now downgraded to android 8 again.
    Can @ UsamaM give solution to the white screen loading on play store, youtube after updating to android 9? Thanks

  7. I am having same situation as Moritz. Google Play Store screen stays in “sign in” and cannot proceed further.
    I am using brand new Huawei Nova 4E from China, on EMUI 9.0.1. Managed to download Google Map and Google Chrome from Huawei’s app gallery but it also won’t let me sign in and my location on map is not working properly. Hope something good happens soon for all of us. Cheers.

  8. I have exactly the same situation and went through the same steps. Sign-in button just does not work in play store. I got situation after updating to Android 9.0.1. I think the only option is to install in international firmware. My Phone Huawei nova 2s

  9. In my honor 8x china version have the same issue. I can’t use google play services. It stop working after emui 9 update.

  10. Hi
    Same issue on Nova 4e! Even if I install google play with Google installer, when I launch the app I have a white screen during less than 1 sec then it comes back to the main Android desktop.
    Other strange thing, I cannot install a Google account (setting, account, create…).When I click on google account type I come back to the previous screen which is blocked.
    Any ideas are welcome.

  11. Have a Chinese version Huawei Nova 2s. Work fine before EMUI 9.0.1 for all the Google Apps. But after the new system updated to EMUI 9.0.1, using the method as shown here does not work. I am able to install all google apps after installing the GMS core but not able to use it as it crashed once you open. I try to revert back to EMUI 8.0 and install the google GMS and all the google apps work perfectly fine!

    Could you please let me know a solution to be able to use the google apps as normal in EMUI 9.0.1?

    thank you so much.

  12. Let’s cry together.
    In my Huawei 9Plus I try all and EMUI 9 turns it a Google blind phone.

    And, when I try to back to EMUI 8, the HiSuite does not work.

  13. Have a Chinese version Huawei Nova 2s too. Any google app is working. I tryied to install the google store, I did it, but it is not even opening.
    What can we do instead?

  14. Same problem on my phone ( Honor 20i)(EMUI 9.0.1) Even if I install google play with Google installer, when I launch the app I have a white screen during less than 1 sec then it comes back to the main Android desktop.
    Other strange thing, I cannot install a Google account (setting, account, create…).When I click on google account type I come back to the previous screen which is blocked.
    Any ideas are welcome.

    • Pudiste solucionarlo, yo tengo el mismo equipo y no he podido. Si sabes de algo avísame por favor. gracias

  15. hi guys,
    my Huawei Nova 4e, brand new purchased from China with EMUI 9.0.1…So i factory reset it, tried to downgrade to EMUI 8, with all the steps given using HiSuite but I did not see the screen that says “switch to other version”. I have no other options except to pull out the USB cord!
    So we are still stuck with a “Google useless” brand new phone after 20 days of trying various methods.. Hope we can get help.

  16. Bought a mate 20x china version. The seller had installed Google playstore but it cannot either download or update any app. It shows download pending,,,,,,
    I have already cleared cache and data of playstore, play services and framework cache as well. Didn’t work.
    I did a factory reset. No good.
    Then I tried reinstalling google apps via google installer v2 and v3. Both fail to install google as I already have a never update of google play services.
    What should I do know? Please help!

  17. I am using Huawei Mate 9 Chimese version and just already updated to EMUI Same here, Google Play suddenly missing and still unable to install Play using this tutorial. It says that “you don’t need to install this version since you have the newer version” when in fact Play is still don’t exist.

        • Yup, 100% working.

          Thank you for making this post. Very useful indeed. Hopefully others also find this topic helpful.

          Just wondering about this link below, though…

          link hidden becuase of site policy

          • Can you explain your process more so that it can help others? Others are not able to install it yet…

  18. I need your help. I bought huawei nova2s in China and there was no play store I downloaded GMS INSTALLER and everything was working correctly and at that time the Android version was EMUI 8. I updated few days ago to EMUI 9 and then it shows problem. I even uninstall the GMS installer and again re-installed it thinking that if it works but nothing happend. Please help me

  19. Tried the new APK. Doesn’t work, same problems as described above.. Successfully installs, but if you try to open it, it blinks white then immediately closes.

  20. Hi,

    I am download the last version, but it not work. My EMUI 9.0.1..167

    Do I need google play services?
    this link is broken.
    “In some cases, you will need the Play Services too. You can download Play Services APK from here.”

  21. As said earlier there was problem with android 9 in honor 8x chinese version. So I downgraded to android 8 and avoid updating android 9 but since last two weeks my phone doesn’t show android 9 updates. When I check for the update it says androir 8 is the latest version. Does any one has the same issue? If yes what might be the reason?

  22. It does not work in my case as well.
    Google play services link is broken and installed the latest version of Google play but not working .
    Device : Chinese bought Nova 4e comes with built in emui 9.1

    • Try installing gmsanzhuangqi apk for play services and then run this play store apk. Let me know what happens?

  23. Hi, I have installed play store on my Nova 2s but stuck on first page. After pressing sign in its stuck on that page.

  24. Hello sir..
    I did all as you said n i got play store icon in home screen but the problem is, it is not signing in 😣 so sir please help me out as soon as possible.

  25. Hola, presento el mismo problema de Gzoli, con el Honor 20i comprado en china, he instalados varias versiones de google play services y google play, pero en google pley me aparece el boton de acceder, pero lo toco y no funciona, queda pantalla estatica.

  26. I have the same issue I have tried multiple things and followed your steps also . I have this new Huawei 9s China version EMUI 9.0.1 can install Play Store when I try to login it just does not work. Does allow to sign error message just does not opn.tried Tongo add accounts to add Google account no response. Tried to open YouTube it just flashes and closes .. please help

  27. @UsamaM I have the same situation as Nofel on my Nova 4e bought in China
    Google Play Store screen stays in “sign in” and cannot proceed further.

  28. Has anyone sucessfully installed play store and google apps on Chinese Huawei Enjoy 9s? If so, please helps with steps and working links.

  29. Thank you sir! I was on a brink of rolling back to EMUI 8, since GMSInstaller wasn’t working anymore. This fixed it! To be honest, I was giving up hope.
    Huawei P10, EMUI9, just installed PlayStore from the APK!

  30. Hi,
    Just to share my experience though no luck also. I bought a Huawei Enjoy 9e from China this May. It comes with EMUI (I think I have no luck to downgrade).
    Follow this post, and exactly same as Davide Pasini shared above: Installed GMSanzhuangqi + GMSinstaller 3.0 + Play Store 14.9.70-all (after that I uninstalled and installed with latest 15.2.38-all also no luck).
    I can see all the Google Services, Account Manager and Play Services installed properly (checked inside Settings -> Apps). When I launched Play Store, clicked the SIGN IN and no respond.
    My app developer friend read the logcat from ADB, here is the errors we see:

    2019-06-10 17:38:00.643 1226-1236/? W/System.err: at
    2019-06-10 17:38:00.643 1226-1236/? W/System.err: at
    2019-06-10 17:38:00.643 1226-1236/? W/System.err: at
    2019-06-10 17:38:00.653 25662-25662/? E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
    Process:, PID: 25662
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create application java.lang.SecurityException: addOnPermissionsChangeListener: Neither user 10116 nor current process has android.permission.OBSERVE_GRANT_REVOKE_PERMISSIONS.
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: addOnPermissionsChangeListener: Neither user 10116 nor current process has android.permission.OBSERVE_GRANT_REVOKE_PERMISSIONS.
    … …

    Is there any Android expert can help to bypass the android.permission.OBSERVE_GRANT_REVOKE_PERMISSIONS?
    Anyone active in XDA help to ask?

  31. Hi
    i have honor 8x mobile Chinese version. i have updated the phone from that the google services not worked as mentioned during the updating time ok. but now i roll backed to the original version 8.2 . it still not working. i have applied all the above method like install GMS , google services etc etc.
    now what i have to do. any idea

  32. you should distinguish those devices which have EMUI 9 as inbuilt when it is brand new and those devices which were UPDATED to EMUI 9. As I understand, the most posted problem comes with the brand new EMUI 9(my case: HONOR 20 Lite, Chinese brought, NO GMS) which DOESN’T have GMS included (I read these in Chinese forums). And it is not possible to install GMS and as a result, Play store not working. And, as it is brand new EMUI 9, it is not possible to roll back to EMUI 8. I really hope you can solve the problem..

  33. Exactly… I have had Nova 4e bought in China… I have installed Facebook lite and WhatsApp business by downloading their apk, and installing them. You these new phones have inbuilt corrupt copy of these apps installed in their rom. We can deceive the rom by installing lite versions or bunnies version as these are not put in rom by heaven. now I am perfectly using my phone with out Google play. I have transfered my contacts from Google to hiavei, and installing all other apps via their apk files. for Facebook download Facebook lite, and for WhatsApp download WhatsApp business version. it works perfectly fine

  34. Dear UsamaM,

    Please update your main write up and request people not to upgrade to EMUI 9

    PLEASE!!! do it… I upgraded it after reading your post and now I am stuck with that “blink” screen for play store.


  35. Hello, I installed Google Play Store. It launches but when I click Log In nothing happens. How can I fix this issue? Thanks.

  36. Hola, saben de una apk de mapas que sea compatible con las apk que requieren google maps, como UBER, ya que al no puedo instalar google play en Honor 20i chino.

  37. I think you have left out some very important facts about the installations here.

    1. Factory Reset is mandatory before you install the GMSinstaller otherwise you will not even be able to install it successfully into the phone.

    2. System Notifications and Installed apps must not be deactivated nor uninstalled until GMSinstaller is successfully installed and process completed. You are welcome to do it thereafter.

    3. System Update must not be done or else nothing concerning here, can be installed. Likewise, the phone MUST NOT be updated as far as the System is concerned.

    4. EMUI 9 must still undergo the GMSinstaller unless Google Play Services is to be found in Settings/Apps/Installed Apps or System Apps. So if the phone does not, have the Google Play Services then GMSinstaller installation is required!

    5. EMUI 9 does not permit Free VPN access totally so users will not be able to get Google Play Store to respond in kind. So far I have no way of having the privilege to use Astril or Express VPN to check tis out in China.
      However, I was successful getting the Google Play Store up with a fully accessible roaming overseas SIM card but consider the roaming cost there!

  38. Experiencing same problem here. Huawei enjoy 9s china bought using abroad. Closest i have got is to launch the playstore sign in page. It will not respond. Anyone here with a working solution. Please help. Cant run google apps even with APKs

  39. UsamaM you are already a teacher in Android I would like to ask you for help, I am from Argentina I do not speak English but I use a translator, look buy a Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 8 ”Tablet for my little son how bad it is Chinese version I can not put anything of Google neither the Play Store nor the Google services try to install the services of Google Play by downloading the apk and it does not work if they are installed, but it does not work when you want to enter the Play Store flashes and exits does not enter

    I pass the data to the team and thank you very much in advance

    Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 8 ”
    Model: JDN2-AL00
    Build Number: (C00E107R1P107)
    EMUI Version: 9.0.1
    Android Version: 9
    CPU: Hisilicon Kirin 710
    Android security patch: February 1, 2019
    Baseband Version: 21C20B387S000C000
    Kernel Version: 4.9.111

    God willing you can help me, I am very distressed with my son who can not use the Play Store and games that use Google, again thank you very much

  40. Same Google Play/GMS installer/login issues as above.
    Mine is a Huawei Nova 5i purchased beginning July.
    I tried everything but no solution yet, so I guess that we have to wait for Huawei to come with a patch…

  41. I bought a Huawei tablet M6 with EMUI 9.1.1. I installed the Google play store app but it doesn’t run. I press log in but nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

  42. Hello frends,i also bought a huawei honor 8x max,from China.I recently went to Emui 9,by updating my device and of course google play store, didnt excist or worked, when i installed all google package(framework,services and play store).After i unistall, all google componets,i started downloading apps from uptodown and apkmirror store and found that,surpisenly, all of 15 applications i have installed, worked for me (even google maps)except the bank application!So if you can live, without google play store,just try this solution, until someone finds a final solution.

  43. Hi All,

    I tried all above way and cannot run Play Store. Showing Sign In but cannot go further. Any workable step is there?? Please help developer!!!

  44. I have the same problem. I have a nova 5I and after installing the gms and doing everything on google installer play store won’t let me sign in and YouTube keeps crashing.

  45. Hello everyone !! I bought recently the huawei nova 5 pro in china.
    I tried to download the apk file for google play and it was successful however when i tap on the app on my homepage the app does not open.
    Can someone help ????

  46. Hi I bought a Huawei 9s with EMUI 9.1.0, no matter what version of google play services or store I have in cannot open thanks.

  47. I have bought an Huawei 8 in China about 2 months ago, have tried everything from many different website and the closest one have come is to the Google play store loading circle and it doesn’t go further then that…please help

  48. I buy huawei enjoy max recently there is update EMUI 9.1.0 AND ANDROID 9 when i update no run play store so many i try and install gms core and google installe but still can not use play store and i go to shop where i buy mobile then they i stall back old version 8.2.0 EMUI so can you help me how i can install emui 9.1.0 and android 9 on my huawei enjoy max mobile thank you

  49. boa tarde! eu tenho um HONOR 8x, ele não tem play store instalado. estou no brasil! fiz como você ensinou, porem nao deu certo.
    pode me ajudar?

  50. Hi i called from Bangladesh,i bought a huawei phone from china, model: Huawei Enjoy 9s with EMUI 9.1.0, Now google play services or store cannot open .So how can its functioning?
    please help . thanks

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