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The company behind the the famous line of flagship killers are venturing into an uncharted territory for first time. OnePlus 7 Pro is company’s solution to a super competitive high-end phone market with killer specs, design and features but still a reasonable price tag. At $669, OP7 Pro is already becoming favorite phone of many. It is a super nice phone to hold and look at, a snappy and crisp screen and insanely fast Android OS. It is the fastest Android phone to date. Not even Google Pixel series can compete with it right now. Below are the gorgeous OnePlus 7 Pro wallpapers available to download. This app is not just confined to a single phone’s data. The creator behind OnePlus’ wallpapers released Abstrust that contains 4K versions of all of his creations. Now you can just download Abstruct APK from below and use it on any phone or tablet.

download abstruct apk oneplus 4k wallpapers


What’s new in OnePlus 7 Pro

OP7 Pro is the current flagship phone from OnePlus. It is the company’s first phone to come with a near-infinity display and without a notch. Yes! There is not a notch or punch hole display. In order to solve the front facing camera issues, we now get a motorized pop-up camera. While many are worried about how this is going to work in long run, company has assured that you could use it for 150 times a day, for 5 years without any problem! Now these are not just hollow claims or speculations. The R&D department of OnePlus really pushes their devices to their limit. 

90Hz OLED Screen

OnePlus 7 Pro is the first phone by company to come with a display with resolution higher than 1080p. It is now a 1440p display with 90Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it is the first OLED screen in a phone with this kind of refresh rate. Therefore, once you have used this phone, warning, you are spoiled and won’t go back to a regular 60Hz panel again.

In order to complement this screen with best visuals, you should try out the Abstruct App. Either install it from Play Store or just download Abstruct APK from the direct link below.

Insane Speed

It comes with Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with 6/8/12GB of RAM. Moreover, you can max out the storage at 256GB. It is also the first official phone to come out with UFS 3.0 storage. This means that every files reads and writes much faster than any other phone out there right now.

If we put everything aside, the one feature that sets OnePlus 7 Pro apart from all other phones, is the Speed! This phone is insanely fast and we are not even exaggerating. The biggest plus point of OnePlus, apart from price, is always been the Oxygen OS. It is insanely optimized and free from all the bloatware. Stuff like lockscreen animations are just not there to slow you down.

Fastest in-screen Fingerprint Reader

And yes, OnePlus 7 Pro is now the phone with fast in-screen fingerprint reader (optical and ultrasonic combined). It takes less than half a second to press the screen and unlock the phone. We can say that in-screen fingerprint reader is finally catching up with capacitive reader.

30W Charging

One more notable feature is the huge 4,000 mAh battery. And it is now accompanied with a 30W warp charger. We all know how good the batteries and charging speeds of OP phones are. Well, this phone just takes stuff to next level. You can charge the battery to 50% is just 30 mins!

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Download Abstruct APK

This company is known for releasing phone with killer wallpapers. And this is the first time we get official 1440p Wallpapers for OnePlus 7 Pro. These look sharp and come with some great graphics. However, the Abstruct App breaks all the barriers. Download any wallpaper in resolution up to 4K! Therefore, if someone likes an old wallpaper that was originally available in 1080p only, get it now in 2K or 4K resolution.

  • Download Abstruct APK from HERE.
  • Place it anywhere on your phone or tablet.
  • Open a file manager and navigate to folder where you put APK in 2nd step.
  • Now tap on its icon.
  • The phone may ask for installation permission from unknown source. Allow it.
  • Next up, tap on Install button at bottom of screen.
  • Once installation is complete, just open the app drawer and open Abstruct from there.
  • That’s it! Now you have the Abstruct app with official OnePlus wallpapers in 4K resolution.

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