Downgrade iOS 7 To iOS 6 – How To Guide.

Millions of iDevices are now being update to iOS 7, because of changes made in iOS 7, people are loving it much and also hating it. Some said that Apple stole the things of Android and much they have proved it. People who owns iPhone 4 or 4S also updated their device to iOS 7, but on iPhone 4 and 4s iOS 7 is not working as smooth as it is on iPhone 5 or 5S. So, now that you have updated your iPhone to iOS 7 and because of lad and other bugs you want to downgrade it to iOS 6, we can help you in that.


Downgrading the iOS firmware is not a very difficult task, but this is not very easy as you can think. You will need yo know somethings that is unusual in terms of other iOS downgrading tutorials. This tutorial will only work if you have saved you SHSH Blobs, otherwise keep searching for any other tutorial or keep using iOS 7, it’s not that bad.

How To Downgrade iOS 7 To iOS 6.

1. Now if you have saved your iOS 6 (any version) SHSH Blobs, you can continue to the tutorial.

2. First thing First, make sure that you are running iTunes 11.0.5 or below, if you are running iTunes 11.1.x, then uninstall it and install the iTunes 11.0.5 or below, make sure to uninstall the whole pack iTunes and Apple Mobile Device, Apple Software Update and Bonjour.

3. After the Restart, Download iTunes 11.0.5 from the link. If you have any error relating “iTunes Music Library.xml” , head to the iTunes Music Folder and Delete it.

4. Grab the latest version of iFaith, and download iOS 6.1.2 or iOS 6.1.3, according to what SHSH Blobs you have saved. You will need to retrieve SHSH Blobs on whatever you have used to saved them. If you saved them on Cydia, you can access them Show Available SHSH Caches on Server in iFaith to save them on your HDD now.

5. Open iFaith and Click Build*signed*IPSW w/Blobs. This will begin the Process of creating your Modified Firmwre file you will be downgrading.

6. Locate the SHSH and then select the iOS Stock Firmware file that you downloaded in step 3. Let the iFaith do its work and create a Custom Firmware.

7. Now Put your device in DFU mode, follow the On-Screen instructions.

  • Hold Power and Home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds
  • Release the Power button whilst continuing to hold Home until the screen is blank.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully entered DFU mode.

8. Now open iTunes and hold down the Left Shift key and Click on Restore iPhone at the same time, Browse the Custom Firmware you created and the process will Start and in the end your iPhone will be running iOS 6.

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