Ditch Facebook Messenger and Bring the Facebook Chat Back

Good were those days, when we had all in one Facebook app, sending and receiving messages within one app was quite fun. You didn’t need to go Offline from Messenger to check the app and thus come back to the Messenger for talking.Even worse,the person on the other end actually thinks that the person I am talking to is offline. Now who knows what kind of message he/she wants to send but because of this stupid Messenger thing, those words remain a history. It happened to me a lot of time. I know how it feels. Now this is the Communication problem, on the other hand, Facebook Messenger not only consumes a lot of Battery but also the RAM and continues switching which causes to lag and other bad stuff.

So those who have the ability to do anything against it, I mean the Android developers, are also tired of it. One has done something really really good about this problem . They simply ditched the Facebook Messenger and brought the old Facebook chat System back, where you can directly send the Facebook messages without any need to open the Facebook Messenger. The process is not difficult at all, and it will work on Android 2.3 – Android 5.0 Lollipop, but you’ll be needing Facebook app latest version like or, the main purpose of this app is to reduce the load caused by the Facebook Messenger, which included battery drain and RAM Consumption. This is just a simple Apk file, which you need to install on your device, follow ahead to find out how. You won’t be able to find this app on Play Store, so the only option you have right now is this Apk file.


Download and Install FacebookChatEnabler Apk:

    1. Download FacebookChatEnabler
    2. Connect your phone to your laptop or PC now.
    3. Copy the APK file to your phone’s SD card.
    4. Disconnect your phone.
    5. Locate the FacebookChatEnabler file on your phone now and tap to install it.
    6. If prompted to select installer, then select “Package Installer”.
    7. Allow “Unknown Sources” from Settings > Security if prompted.
    8. Proceed with the installation and complete it.
    9. That’s all!

Note: Since this App is same as Facebook Messenger, you might be asked to update it from Play Store, don’t update it till the official thread updates it for you

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