2 Methods To Create A DM Group On Instagram


Instagram is the best one pic photo sharing social media? or you can say it was that way. Since Facebook has taken over Instagram and now things are changed now, today I’ll tell you how you can create a DM group on Instagram. Although there is no such option to do so, DM stands for (direct message people). You can easily send messages to the people following you. Those who are not following you, you can send message requests. Now the thing is that sometimes we need to send a single text or a photo to multiple users, but if you are the Instagram user you knew it very well, there is no such option to create a group. This why we are here, heed the following instructions to Create A DM Group On Instagram.

Create A DM Group On Instagram


How To To Create A DM Group On Instagram:

Following are the two the methods that you can use on both iOS and Android devices, in order to Create A DM Group On Instagram.

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Create A DM Group On Instagram Using DM Method:

Step 1: Open Instagram on your device, and Click on the paper icon as shown below.

Create A DM Group On Instagram


Step 2: Now click on the “+” icon in order to create a DM.

Step 3: Choose the desired contacts and as shown below, Click on Next located on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Now you’ll see a text field ” Name this Group “. Write the name of the group you like and write the message, add photos or video and tap the send button.

Create A DM Group On Instagram Using Instagram Story:

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This method more easy and simple. Open Instagram and Swipe left-> You’ll be on Instagram camera-> Take a Photo and Tap on to the Send To button. Now select all the contacts whom you want to send the direct message, once you have selected all the contacts, Tap on New Group located on the top right corner.

That’s all, You have successfully created A DM Group On Instagram. If you face any issue while trying these methods let me in the comments section.

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