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Nowadays, everyone seems to watch movies and TV shows on NetFlix. All famous series and TV Shows are now streamed on NetFlix. Moreover, in the dating community, there is a catchphrase couples use, Let’s Netflix & Chill. But you may not know that you can enhance your Netflix experience by using a number of Chrome extensions. By using chrome extensions for Netflix you will be able to do a lot more.

Chrome Extensions for Netflix

Chrome Extensions for Netflix:

1: RateFlix:

This first in our list is RateFlix, as you all know that every month tons of new movies and TV shows comes out on NetFlix. So it’s hard to follow up and believe me it, even more, harder to decide what to see. This is where RateFlix comes in action, once installed, Launch Netflix and hover over a movie, it will show you the IMDb rating. Where you always see Netflix rating.

That was before the latest update rolled out and RateFlix starting to show Rotten Tomatoes ratings instead of IMDb. Well, I can manage with Rotten Tomatoes but IMDb makes things easier.

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2: Netflix Extended:

Second in our list is Netflix Extended. This Chrome extension is basically designed to provide quick shortcuts for NetFlix using your keyboard. This will make things easier for you while watching movies and  TV Shows.

You don’t have to use system keys or your mouse to pause. muter, volume Up & Down. All you have to do is press M and it will mute. If you want to increase or decrease volume use arrow keys instead of system function keys. So now you can use shortcuts from your Keyboard to perform all the task without using sticking to system keys and mouse.

‘N’ – jump to the next episode of the show you are watching
‘B’ – jump to the previous episode
‘Esc’ – returns to Netflix home screen with your current show or movie selected
‘R’ – plays any random show or movie

3: Netflix Hangouts:

Netflix Hangouts is third in the line of our list of the best Chrome Extensions for Netflix. The main purpose of this application is to let you watch Netflix even if is not blocked. Most of the time when we are at the office, library, school, college. It is most likely to happen, that you are not allowed to watch movies and TV shows.

This is where Netflix Hangouts comes into play. All you have to do is install the Netflix Hangouts extension, open Netflix and Tap on the Netflix Hangouts extension button. Enjoy Netflix, the best part of using Netflix Hangouts, others will see that you are on a conference call. They didn’t even get to know that you are watching Netflix.

4: Netflix Categories:

I have seen hundreds of Websites that have categories but they don’t allow users to see them. Same goes with the NetFlix, they have a secret list of categories. That list of theirs contains a number of new categories which you cannot see normally. If you know all of the other categories of NetFlix, you will able to find any movies and TV shows with ease.

Normally you cannot find and access Netflix’s hidden categories but once you have installed Netflix Categories. You are all good to go, simply open NetFlix and click on the extension, there you go. You will see the list fo the Netflix Categories.

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5: Netflix Pause Removal:

If you use Netflix on a regular basis, you will be well aware of the famous “are you still watching” prompt. I mean it does help sometimes in God knows what ways. But most of the time it’s annoying, you need to confirm manually that Yes, I am watching. Otherwise, it won’t go away.

So, if you think the same way about “are you still watching”. Install Netflix Pause Removal Chrome extension and let it work, it will automatically bypass “are you still watching” prompts.

6: Netflix 1080p:

I bet you don’t even know that. There only two browsers that support 1080p playback on Netflix. Safari and Internet Explorer or Edge. Not Chrome and FireFox or any other browser you use. Moreover, they don’t have added any option at all to improve the quality. You all enjoying 720p on Netflix if you are using Chrome or Firefox.

But not anymore, I am paying to watch in the best quality and I want to watch in 1080p, even If I am using Chrome. Netflix 1080p will do the job for us and once installed, you will be able to watch 1080p playback on Netflix.

7: Netflix Tweaked:

Netflix Tweaked stands on number 7 in the list of best Chrome Extensions for Netflix. The most annoying thing while browsing through Netlflix is the auto-playing the trailers. When you hover on a movie or a TV show.

If you are among those who also don’t like the auto-playing the trailers on the home page. You should install Netflix Tweaked on Chrome, it will automatically block the auto-playing on the home-page.

8: No Netflix original:

We have seen a number of new TV Shows which are produced by Netflix. That is why these movies and TV shows are tagged as Netflix Originals. I have no doubt that they have done a marvelous job. But not all are worth watching, still, they are featured everywhere on the home-page and it’s not healthy.

So, in order to hide all the Netflix Originals, Install the No Netflix original extension and refresh the page. There you go all of the feature content of Netflix will be hidden.

That’s all for now. These are the best Chrome Extensions for Netflix. Try these and Boost Up your Streaming Experience on NetFlix.

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