Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Two: Candy Factory– Level 16 to 20.

The Walk-through of Episode Two of Candy Crush Saga continues, and this time it’s Level 16 to Level 20. We will give you the complete Guide of Candy Crush Saga, all the levels available on Mobile. Most levels of Candy Crush Saga are not difficult they are so easy that you can complete it with eyes closed. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 16:

Level 16 is super easy, there are some cases that you won’t even have to make a move to complete this level. You will be given many chances to create Stripes and Color Bomb, to clear the Jelly, you can score high in this one. By any chance if you can’t able to finish the level with 10 moves left, focus on the leftover pieces, you can do it.

Level 17:

The ingredients will be on the screen as you start, make sure to make Stripes Candy as soon as you get the chance and blow them in the line of an ingredient, luckily you might get the whole column and the ingredient will go to the bottom. By any chance if you get the color bomb, try to mix it with any Special candy.

Level 18:

This level contains a new type of Jelly, this Jelly requires Two hits to vanish. There should be some 4 0r 5-match at the stat of level, get them fast.Most of the jelly will be cleared quickly with Special combinations, focus on the rest to clear the level.

Level 19:

More double jelly in this level, since you have learned how to destroy it, this level won’t be much of a trouble for you. The Best way to finish it is to create Special Candies, try to get a color Bomb and Mix it with Stripe one.

Level 20:

This is really a fun level to play, you will get 15,000 points in no Time, but if you want to have some challenge, play it again to get the Three stars.

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