Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Two: Candy Factory– Level 11 to 15.

Welcome Back! we are continuing the Walk-through of Candy Crush Saga, yesterday we posted the Walkthrough of Episode One Candy Town, today the post will continue with Episode Two Candy Factory. This article includes Level 11 to Level 15. We will keep posting the Walkthrough of all the levels available on Mobile. So, keep visiting and Enjoy!


Level 11:

This is the First ingredient level, in this level you have to break the candies to bring all the Ingredients to bottom. Only bottoms with Arrows will be the one where you have to bring the Ingredients, any other bottom will not work. Focus on the Columns with ingredient to bring them down fast.

level 12:

So, now that you have practiced the ingredient level, there are more to bring down in this level and this might be a little difficult than the above one. Make sue to create vertical stripe candies to clear the level fast.

Level 13:

The Jelly in the Center will be the main problem, focus on destroying it first. Otherwise it will become troublesome. As soon as you find the combination for the Candy stuck in Jelly, Finish it.

Level 14:

Jelly is everywhere in this Level, it is time to practice Stripe and Packets combination, make sure to combine four or five jellies to create a Color Bomb or a Packet. They will help you in destroying the Jellies faster than ever. You will have only 40 moves, so be fast.

Level 15:

You only have 17 moves to bring down 7 Cherries, it is a small board and not very difficult. Try to Mix Stripes and Color Bomb to finish the level quickly.

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