Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Three: Lemonade Lake– Level 31 to 35.

The last 5 levels of Candy Crush Saga Episode Three: Lemonade Lake are here. There isn’t much new things here, just the same Blocks, Meringues, Jelly and ingredients. Only the amount will increase and the difficulty. Remember Mixing Color Bomb and Stripped candy will help you in finishing the level faster, in which Jelly is mostly involved. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 31:

Make up and down swipes on the bottom rows to make Stripes and Color Bomb as soon as you get the chance. Mix them to destroy the jelly on the top.

Level 32:

This time level will start out slowly, so clear all the Meringues to give yourself more candies and don’t forge to get the +5. Keep them coming and make huge score in this level.

Level 33:

In this level, you have Four Separate Grids of Four with Four Double Jelly Blocks in the middle. Your Moves are limited, so you have to make decisions quick and fast, otherwise you will lose the lives quickly. You might have to play this level for at-least  3-4 times to get it done. Make sure to create those moves, who will get two jelly at the same time. There is a huge chance of luck here, if you can somehow able to get a color bomb, don’t lose it.

Level 34:

This level, you will get 7 ingredients to bring down, you will start with Two along with some Special Candies. The best way to finish it, is by concentrating on the ingredients. Also after each turn, check for any ingredient that has arrived at the screen, otherwise you might not notice it till you have only a few moves left.

Level 35:

This last level of Lemonade Lake is not so difficult, put everything you have learned about Stripe candies in this level. Pay more attention to the Top and in the Corners, the Jelly there can be a nuisance in the way. If you end up having only one Jelly in the corners, try to get a stripe in that manner.

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