Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Three: Lemonade Lake– Level 26 to 30.

The other 5 levels of Candy Crush Saga Episode Three: Lemonade Lake are here. There isn’t much new things here, just the same Blocks, Meringues, Jelly and ingredients. Only the amount will increase and the difficulty. Again special Mixing will help you in finishing the level faster. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 26:

You have to bring down 4 ingredients, but first you need to destroy the Layer of Meringues at the bottom. Focus on destroying the Meringues first, then make Stripe Candies to bring the ingredients down. Make sure not to let any ingredients settle on the top of an unblock Meringue, otherwise it will become very difficult to move it.

Level 27:

This is one of the most easy level in this Episode, you will get it in not time. Just clear the Candy with +5 on it and keep going like crazy. But be careful, if you can’t able to reach the limit in time, you have to go again and again.

Level 28:

This level at the start will look very difficult, but the game will give you a lot of Special Combinations. In the end you will be left with some chunky pieces of Jelly, clear it off to finish the level.

Level 29:

This level, hmm it can be a little bit of tease, but don’t quit yet. Double Jelly Everywhere, and not enough power to destroy it. On the Top, you should be automatically making the matches up top when you clear candies. But on the Bottom, you have to make a big impact there. Try to create more Stripe Candies and mix them with Color Bomb or Wrapped Candy, at the end finish some stuck Jelly to advance.

Level 30:

This level is considered to be the trickiest level in this whole Episode. Try to clear the Pyramid of meringues first to clear the way for the ingredients. If any Block fall in the game, don’t get confused, it won’t be a problem at all. One ingredient will bring the next one, as soon as you clear an ingredient the other one will arrive with the next swap, even if the ingredients are at bottom it will not trigger the next ingredient. Once the meringues are cleared, make stripped candies to bring the ingredients down and clear the level.

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