Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Three: Lemonade Lake– Level 21 to 25.

Here we are again, Continuing our Saga of providing you the Walk-through of Candy Crush Saga. We have finished the Episode Two of this game and today we will continue it with the introduction of Episode Three Lemonade Lake, along with some new things in the Levels. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 21:

In this level you will find something new called Meringues, the only way to destroy them is to make a match beside them. Try focusing on a Giant Stripped Candy to clear this level fast, to do that you must Mix a Wrapped candy with a Stripped one.

Level 22:

In this level, you need to bring down ingredients, but instead of focusing on bringing them down, make sure to clear all the Meringues at the bottom of the screen. As far as the ingredients goes, make a stripped candy that blows Vertically, then blow it in the line of an ingredient and it will go down to bottom.

Level 23:

The Three columns of Meringues, all have double jelly beneath them, this time finishing jelly could be a bit of problem. First make space by destroying Meringues and them think about destroying Jellies. Try to clear at-least Two Meringues every move and this level will be a piece of cake.

Level 24:

This is a straightforward level of to bring down ingredients, all you need to do is to bring Both the ingredients to the far left side of the the maze and as will all the ingredients levels, Stripe candy can clear the path easily.

Level 25:

In this level, you first need to destroy licorice X blockers to expose Meringues then finish Meringues to expose the Jelly, after that it is up to you how you finis it. Big combinations can help you  alot.

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