Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Four:Chocolate Mountains – Level 46 to 50.

The Journey to conquer the Chocolate Mountains is at its final stage as we provided you with last 5-levels walk-through. Still can’t able to find Chocolate don’t worry, once you see it you will know hay I am so talking about Chocolate. Unlike X-blockers and meringues, that you destroy them and that’s it, Chocolate will strike back, if you make a move that doesn’t involve the destruction of Chocolate, chocolate will take one of your candy, anyone, randomly.Remember Mixing Color Bomb and Stripped candy will help you in finishing the level faster, in which Chocolate is mostly involved. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 46:

You will need to destroy 9-Jellies to clear this level, these jellies are in Center on screen surrounded by meringues and guarded by licorice x-blockers, don’t worry these meringues don’t have any sort of Jelly beneath it, so the only thing you need to do is to open the Block candy and clear the jelly. Clear meringues from top to get in and destroy it from the inside is the best strategy to do in this level.

Level 47:

You have to make 15,000 score in this level and you have 50 moves to do it. So sit back and destroy the meringues to make more room to get special candy.

Level 48:

This level is more like Level 46, but more Jelly to clear. Look how can you make big matches, because there isn’t much space to move, you’ll probably need to make big combos to get more damage. Once you have destroyed most of them, you can get the rest of the Jelly easily.

Level 49:

You can either get this level Bad or you can pass it very easily. Good is that you will get Color Bombs and Special Candy more than you can need. Bad is that you will struggle to match 3s. First see where are the ingredients and try to bring them down to clear the level. Take out the meringues and make more room for Color Bomb and ingredients.

Level 50:

This level is a lot easier than it looks, you have 50 move and a lot of room to make Stripe Candy as soon as you destroy the licorice locks, get inside and make your moves from the inside. Make Stripe candy and destroy the individual Jelly as you get the chance and you will beat this level without stress.

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