Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Four:Chocolate Mountains – Level 41 to 45.

The Journey in Chocolate Mountains as we provided you with other 5-levels walk-through. Anyone of these levels will bring a new way of teasing called Chocolate. Unlike X-blockers and meringues, that you destroy them and that’s it, Chocolate will strike back, if you make a move that doesn’t involve the destruction of Chocolate, chocolate will take one of your candy, anyone, randomly.Remember Mixing Color Bomb and Stripped candy will help you in finishing the level faster, in which Chocolate is mostly involved. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 41:

The Jelly covered with X-Blockers at the corner will be the hardest to clear. If you can make a Horizontal Candy at the Bottom row or a Vertical Stripe candy on the Edge of the Board. The Block in the Center will be pretty easy to clear.

Level 42:

You have to bring down the ingredients, at first you will be like, What Ingredients? but as soon as you destroy the Center block, you will realize that this level is Piece of Cake. Make Vertical Stripe Candy to clear the level fast.

Level 43:

This is the most Difficult time level, but still it’s easy. Once you get rid of the licorice Blockers, you will get plenty of Room to make Special candies and grab the +5. Keep grabbing them to make a huge score.

Level 44:

You have to bring down the ingredients along with reaching the points limit. Bringing the ingredients down is not a problem but getting the points is. Clear the ingredients as fast as you can so you can get more bonus in Super Crush.

Level 45:

Don’t pay more attention to the licorice x-blockers, there is no Jelly Beneath them. But if you want more room for the 4 or 5 match, unlock the Candies and Focus on Jelly Only. Center-Piece of Jelly will need Two Hits to be destroyed. Use any Color Bomb you make to destroy Jelly in the Center.

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