Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Episode Five: Minty Meadow– Level 51 to 55.

The Chocolate Mountains are long gone and now towards the Minty Meadow and Welcome to Chocolate, well it is not nice to see this chocolate in any level. It is not like a regular chocolate, that we like so much, it is something you just don’t want to see in this game. It will work like an Air Born disease, it will keep spreading until there is nothing left in the game. The best way to stop the Chocolate is to create a Stripe Candy to destroy it in one shot. But you should do it in a few moves after the Chocolate is out. Remember Mixing Color Bomb and Stripped candy will help you in finishing the level faster, in which Chocolate is mostly involved. Scroll down, watch the level and complete it without any tension.


Level 51:

In this level, you will first encounter Chocolate, make a stripe candy to crush through meringues all the way down to Chocolate. Make it fast otherwise you will regret it, then concentrate on the Jelly area, you can let the chocolate spread on top without any tension.

Level 52:

You will star with an Open Grid on top, but the Chocolate will spread quickly. Make as many Stripped candy to breakthrough meringues and free the Candy trapped in X-blockers. A Horizontal Stripe Candy at the Bottom will finish this level quickly.

Level 53:

The Chocolate will start spreading as soon as you unlocked the Candy, make a Vertical striped candy at the outer columns will help a lot. First clear the Chocolate to make more room, again you have 50 moves to finish the level.

Level 54:

Clear the licorice locked candy to give space to more candy, it will help you in bringing down the ingredients. At the bottom more candy is waiting and of course more chocolate, just focus freeing them ingredient by ingredient, using any Vertical or Horizontal Stripe candy.

Level 55:

The First reaction to this level is like, What Do You Want Me To Do? and it is more difficult than it looks, you will only have space for one move and if you keep moving,  you can make it a standard ingredient level. You only have Fifteen moves, so better make any Special candy to finish the level fast.

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