Call of Duty Mobile Network error Please check your network status (4,28)(4,50) FIXED


The development of Call of Duty Mobile is still underway. It is currently only available as an open beta in specific regions. Therefore, the only way to play it is via a VPN and some special steps. Read about it HERE. Game keeps running into some issues still. Call of Duty Mobile Network error 4,28 and 4,50 on login screen are pretty common. Either you get it after auto-login or try to login manually. Either way, this error does not let users enter main game menu. The game just keeps going back to homescreen.

call of duty mobile network error 4,28


How to fix Network Error 4,28 and 4,50 in Call of Duty Mobile

At the time of writing, this game is only available in limited number of regions. Therefore, most people must be using a VPN to play it. Reportedly, the Call of Duty Mobile on VPN mostly comes up with this error. 

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Here is the reason for this. Since anyone can just download and install the APK + obb on their Android devices, it is not possible to contain open beta. Therefore, the devs have limited it to geo-location. Everytime someone tries to login, we see the error message: Network error. Please check your network status 4,28. Or sometimes it is Network error 4,50. 

The developers have not clearly specified what these numbers indicate. However, there is a directly correlation between these errors and the VPN servers. Sometimes, the game just restarts randomly. On the other hand COD Mobile network error pops up at login screen. This is where the system determines your location. It is possible that even if you are using a VPN, the error may still show up.

The VPN servers are not all obfuscated. In simple terms, not every server can mask your location completely. Therefore, some servers show the error message even if the apparent location is same. The country specific features still do not work.

Steps to fix it

The exact steps for this are going to vary with whichever VPN anyone is using. However, the underlying concept is still same.

  • In case of both network errors, follow these steps.
  • Open the VPN App.
  • Select the country specified in open beta. In this case, it is India.
  • Next up, rather than connecting to “fastest server” automatically, select a server of duty mobile network error 4,50 fix
  • Once a server is connected, try to launch the game.
  • If the game launches, then try and save this server in your favorites. Most VPNs come with this feature.
  • Otherwise, change the server from given list (from that specific region only) and try to launch game again.
  • After 2 or 3 attempts, COD Network errors disappear.
  • That’s pretty much it! Enjoy slaying your enemies!


Fans of COD franchise are really excited about an actual mobile version. Network errors can make the experience bitter sometimes. Therefore, try the simple solution above to fix it for good. It works for both COD Mobile 4,28 and 4,50 network errors.

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