Bomb Me Brazil for PC – Windows and Mac


Bomb Me Brazil is a free Action game by Proficient City Limited. Like the existing Action games, this game also puts the players on the quest to shoot down their enemies. The game involves team building, going on expeditions, exploring the abandoned buildings, breaking into castles and a lot more. Bomb Me Brazil was previously available for computers. This game has made its way to iOS and Android as well. We are going to talk about the Android version of this game and also see how we can run the Android version of Bomb Me Brazil on a computer.Bomb me Brazil for PC

Bomb Me Brazil Overview

The game starts off having the players dropped off into the battlefield. Players have to start looking for weapons for their defense. After killing a few of the enemies, the players will get the chance to make friends. The friends will join your team and help you to take down your enemies easily. The journey is going to be dangerous. There are powerful enemies and their bosses waiting for you at every single step. Killing the enemies may be easy, but when it comes to bosses, it’s going to be a real deal. You will be exploring dungeons to take out the enemies.

Collect the masks to hide your identity. Use the clothing of your enemies to look like one of them. Assemble your team carefully as your team will define your destiny in this game. The game comes with several modes. You will get a particular mode where you will fight the bosses only. There is a fair battle mode to fight against other players online. The game also offers PvP mode.

Apart from killing your enemies and conquering the map, you will also get a chance to live a normal life in this game. For example, players can fall in love with someone and get married in the game. Players can also get a pet, raise it, train it, and take it to battles. You will also interact with other characters in the game and experience life in the community.

Bomb Me Brazil comes with marvelous graphics as well. The only downside that I see here is that this game is not available in English. It’s 100% in the Portuguese language. If you can understand the game without English, you should definitely give it a try. Bomb Me Brazil comes for free.

Bomb Me Brazil Features

  • Portuguese – Not available in English.
  • PvP Mode.
  • Play online with other players via cross-server.
  • Challenge the Dark Dragon.
  • Create or join expeditions.
  • Kill the Guild Chief to get rewards.
  • Fall in love with someone and get married.
  • Upgrade weapons and your gear.
  • Get a pet and train it.
  • Record the gameplay.
  • Play online or offline – up to you!

Bomb Me Brazil for PC

Since this game comes with good graphics, you can play it on your computer as well. I am talking about running the Android version on the computer. Bomb Me Brazil for PC can be installed via BlueStacks 4 or the BlueStacks Android emulator. Follow the steps given below to install Bomb Me Brazil for PC right now.

Windows users can get the BlueStacks 4 and Mac users can get the old BlueStacks to install Bomb Me Brazil for PC. Download and install the emulator on the computer. After installing the emulator, set it up using your Google Account. Once done, open the Play Store in the emulator and find “Bomb Me Brazil”. As soon as you find the game, install it.

After installation, the game will appear under the “All Apps” tab in the emulator. Open the game now and play it using your mouse and keyboard. If you do not like the existing configuration of the keys, you can map the keys the way you like.


That’s all. If you are facing any difficulties, feel free to reach out to me. I will try my best to help you guys out.

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