Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2019


Looking for an alternative to YouTube Vanced? You can find them here. Find the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives of 2019 in this post.

  • NewPipe
  • MusicPiped
  • YMusic
  • FireTube

YouTube Vanced is one of the best if not the best YouTube modified apps. It lets you play YouTube music in the background on an Android device. YouTube Vanced saves you a lot of internet data. If you have fond of just listening to YouTube audio and don’t have an interest in watching the video, you can leave YouTube Vanced running in the background. Not only it will save your internet data, but it will also save the battery life of your phone. Now the YouTube Vanced is not the only such application. There is a bunch of other apps with the same functionality. So, if you have run into problems with YouTube Vanced, it’s time to take a look at its alternatives. I have collected the best YouTube Vanced Alternatives. These are the Alternatives that work well as of October 2019.

YouTube Vanced Alternatives
YouTube Vanced Alternatives

YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2019

The following are the top free and best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for Android in 2019.

  • NewPipe

NewPipe is the closest thing to YouTube Vanced. It belongs to the FDroid repository which is the open-source app store built by Android enthusiasts for Android enthusiasts. NewPipe, just like YT Vanced, has the capability to run the videos in the background. It also has the picture-in-picture mode which is limited to only a few countries originally. NewPipe’s developers claim this application to be consuming the least amount of internet on a phone. By running it in the background, you will put the least amount of load on your phone’s battery as well. NewPipe doesn’t require users to login. You can keep using it without logging in which will also make its use safe for you.

YouTube Vanced Alternative
NewPipe – YouTube Vanced Alternative

MusicPiped is not exactly an application like the YouTube Vanced, but it serves a purpose close to that app. As its name suggests, this application is built to listen to YouTube’s music only. It means that you won’t be watching videos in this app like YouTube Vanced or NewPipe. When you look for a song or video in MusicPiped, it looks up for it on YouTube, extracts the audio, and delivers that audio to you. This is what it apparently does, but there are discussions on forums suggesting that extracting music like this is not possible technically which means that MusicPiped does play the video in the lowest resolution in the background, but it doesn’t show that to the user. Whether or not it plays the video in the background, it goes easy on your internet and battery which is more than enough. 

MusicPiped – YouTube Vanced Alternative

YMusic is similar to MusicPiped, but with a few added features. It can sync with your locally stored music. You can use YMusic’s nice player to manage your playlists/songs on the phone. It can play music from YouTube too. On top of that, YMusic has an in-built downloader. If you like something on YouTube, you can instantly download it.

YMusic - YouTube Vanced Alternative
YMusic – YouTube Vanced Alternative

FireTube is the last to make it to our list. The application happens to be a handy alternative to all the apps we have talked about, but it works a little differently. When you play a video on FireTube, it pauses the video and keeps playing the audio. Apparently, it’s just playing the audio so the users can misunderstand this application for extracting the audio-only, but that’s not the case. It plays video in the background like MusicPiped and YMusic, but in the low resolution. You can minimize FireTube and listen to music while the phone’s screen is off.

FireTube - YouTube Vanced Alternative
FireTube – YouTube Vanced Alternative

Final Words

The modified YouTube applications are a great way to keep listening to your favorite music on YouTube, but keep in mind that there is always a risk involved in using such applications. For this very reason, I suggest you proceed with caution. To make sure that you don’t face a mishap, do not log in to any of these applications. Use them in the logged-out mode only. Furthermore, make sure that you always install the latest version of these apps. 

If you have any other alternative that you would want to add to this list, drop it in the comments below.

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