40 Best Android Movie Apps to Stream Free Movies (May 2020)


As of May 2020, these are the 40 best Android Movie Apps. These best Movie Apps can be used to stream free Movies and TV Shows.

It may have been just a gimmick in the past. But with the current technology, a lot of people prefer watching movies on Android apps for free. The large screen phones along with crisp colors allow users to have an amazing viewing experience wherever they want. Therefore, we have catered for a comprehensive list of free movie streaming apps for Android. Either watch at home or on your daily commute. These movie streaming apps for Android work with both WiFi and mobile data. However, make sure that you don’t use very high quality on mobile data otherwise the bills are gonna be high!!

This list is not just about free Android Movie apps. The fans of TV would be delighted to learn that we have included free TV streaming apps for Android on this list as well. Either stream on the go or just download it and watch it later. The offline watching option is especially useful for when someone plans to do it outside their home or offices. 

best apps to watch free movies and tv shows android

When selecting these apps, we had a few unique features in mind. Android movie streaming apps with subtitles, TV show streaming apps for Android with the latest episodes and option to download or save offline. Otherwise, it is pretty much useless to have a media app on the phone. It is best used when on the go or actually a computer or laptop is not available. Moreover, most of these apps are either completely free to use while others may come with some ads. However, don’t worry, these Android video streaming apps don’t have annoying ads to distract you or ruin the experience. 

Below is the list of best free Android streaming apps to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Top Free Android Movie / TV Show Streaming Apps

The following list is pretty extensive and contains over 40 free streaming apps for Android. Most of these are available on the Play Store. However, due to geo-restrictions, some of these apps may not be available in your region. In that case, either uses a VPN or just install its APK from a third-party source. 

1: Netflix

Online Movies streaming and Netflix are pretty much synonymous these days. Arguably, it is the most famous movie and TV show streaming service in the world right now! It is available in pretty much every country unless the government blocks it for some reason. 

More importantly, Netflix is one of the best options to stream movies and TV shows on Android phones and tablets. There is a dedicated app for it. It is well-built and worlds flawlessly. Therefore, you are highly unlikely to run into any issues. 

netflix free android movie streaming apps

How to use Netflix for free? You may be wondering this very thing. It is true that Netflix comes only with a paid subscription. However, there is a guaranteed method to cancel membership after one month if you don’t like it. It does not charge anymore, therefore, FREE!!

Key Features

  • Netflix originals (Movies and TV shows).
  • One of biggest and growing libraries for online streaming.
  • Dedicated Android app with active support.
  • Watch in SD, HD and 4K resolutions.
  • Use same account on multiple devices concurrently.

2: Showbox

Just like our first pick, Showbox is another popular app to watch movies for free on Android. It works for tablets, phones, and even computers via emulators. Therefore, it is one of the most versatile options out there. But how does it actually work? It does not store the movies or shows on any servers. In fact, it is kind of a torrent search engine/organizer. When you search for a movie or a show, it checks online torrents directory. Then, it streams any torrent of your choice.

What is the advantage of using Showbox over just using torrents? Well, you don’t have to go through the pain of finding the right torrent. Moreover, it streams the files as they are downloading. No download waiting times. Alternatively, just download something to watch later.

Unlike regular torrent sites, you get to experience one of the best user interfaces with proper categorization like genre, titles, actors, ratings and more. 

showbox watch movies for free android

Key Features

  • Organizes torrents in various categories.
  • Watch movies with subtitles in various languages.
  • Download shows and movies to watch later.
  • Unlimited and ever expanding library.
  • TV shows and movies available in FHD resolution.

3: Tubi TV

Watch movies and TV shows for free on Android with Tubi TV. It is one of the few legal and free streaming apps out there. Instead of making users sign up for certain subscriptions, it runs ads. Therefore, you don’t need credit card to watch any movie or show on this service. 

The ads on Tubi TV are not obtrusive or annoying. The company claims that it actually shows less number of ads compared to what we see regularly on TV channels. If this is true, we are in for a treat! There is no risk in using it. Watch TV shows or movies on Android for free. It mainly supports streaming only.

tubi tv android free movies streaming app

Key Features

  • No Credit Card required.
  • Free to use for any TV show or movie.
  • Unlimited streaming.
  • Runs ads to make up for subscription revenue.
  • Watch in HD quality.

4: Popcorn Time

This app is very similar in function to Showbox. Both of these apps deliver what they promise. And under the hood, both work pretty much the same way. These services do not load movies or shows from any server. Instead, it indexes movies and shows from various torrents around the web. And organizes them all into one clean and easy to use interface. It shows proper thumbnails, video quality options, subtitles and stuff like that. You can even check the movie ratings and genre to further decide whether to watch something or not.

Users have the option to either stream content or just download to watch later. Either way, Popcorn Time Android is one of best apps to stream free movies and TV shows anywhere. 

popcorn time watch free tv shows android

Key Features

  • Stream movies and TV shows in dubbed languages or with subtitles.
  • Select from various qualities to stream (SD, HD, FHD).
  • Watch live or download for later.
  • A free movies streaming app for Android that works with Chromecast.

5: Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures produced a lot of hit movies and TV shows. Sony Crackle brings all of your favorite hits into one place. The best thing about this service is that it is totally free to use. You don’t need any kind of subscription or credit card payment for it to work. Just open the app, search for what you want to watch and enjoy the show. That’s pretty much it! 

Since it is an official channel, you get access to best video quality along with some other useful perks.

sony crackle stream tv shows free android

Key Features

  • Sony Crackle originals.
  • Access to Sony Pictures’ movies and TV shows.
  • Official and free method to watch.
  • Works on Android phones and tablets.

6: MovieBox Pro

It is one of the more premium streaming services for Android. It is of course free to use. Just like many of its competitors, it collects data from around the web and presents it under one simple UI. You get access to to free movies and seasons to watch on Android phones, tablets and even emulators. Since it is not limited by any corporation, if anything is available online, you can probably watch it on MovieBox!

moviebox stream free movies android

Key Features

  • Access to thousands of free to watch content.
  • Search by genre, title and other filters.
  • Watch in high resolution quality.
  • Clean and easy to understand UI.

7: MegaBox HD

Ease and speed combined into one hot app! Megabox is one of the most straightforward apps to use. It gets you unlimited content for free. Moreover, there is no lag whatsoever. There are are no login or sign up delays. Just open the app, select movie and preferred quality and that’s it! 

There is just one time installation however. It asks you to install a particular player from Play Store. This is must-install since Megabox plays all of its data through it. Otherwise, you’re free to enjoy movies and shows for free on any device.

megabox hd stream tv shows free android

Key Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Select the video quality before playing any movie.
  • Works with dedicated media player only.
  • No sign up.

8: Morph TV

Previously known as Morpheus TV, it is now transformed into Morph TV. Just like its predecessor, it’s a free hub for movies and seasons. It collects data from around the world and presents in one simple interface. Overall, you get new movies and TV shows. When you click a movie, it searches for all possible sources. These are different sites and servers. It shows the latency next to sources. This gives you a better idea about which source to play. 

Choose unique subtitles in different languages. Moreover, filter movies with several genre and tags. It is also one of the few apps to support 4K content. If you have a device that can handle it, then give it a go for sure!

morph tv watch free movies android

Key Features

  • 4K Content!
  • Subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Watch movies and shows in various resolutions from 360p to 1080p.
  • Works with Chromecast.

9: Free Flix HQ

In this list, out choice number 9 is probably the most feature-rich option. Just like other options here, you can watch free movies and seasons on Android with Free Flix HQ. However, that’s not the whole story. It does so much more that makes you fall in love with it.

To start with, it works flawlessly with Chromecast and many other casting devices. In addition to movies, watch Live TV, WWE on demand. Trakt.tv integration allow users to keep a track of all shows that they have watched and which episode they are on. You can also plan your shows with it.

It comes with a built-in player with support for subtitles in multiple settings! Watch the IMDB trailers, reviews and ratings to decide whether to watch some movie or not.

free flix hq stream movies and seasons on android free

Key Features

  • Chromecast integration with pretty much any other casting device.
  • Watch in High Quality with subtitles in any language.
  • Check trailers and reviews beforehand.
  • Watch free Live TV and WWE on-demand on Android.

10: Sling TV

Modern day television is nothing like it used to be. We no longer have to rely on just cable TV. One of the many benefits that internet access provides, is the fact that we can actually stream live TV, watch movies and seasons on-demand. This is not just an alternative but a great plus over old cable system. Therefore, SlingTV fits right into the modern equation. It is cheap, fast and reliable. 

You get access to thousands of live and on-demand content directly served to phone, TV or PC. Filter or search the library based on genre, type, tags, ratings and many more. The overall experience is as good as anyone would expect.

slingtv stream on-demands shows and movies free

Key Features

  • Thousands of on-demand shows and movies.
  • Get subtitles automatically.
  • Watch anywhere.
  • Stream live or just download content to watch later.

11: Teatv

It is fast, agile and smooth. Teatv is an ideal mini app. Whether you want to watch movies on Android online or just download for later, it can do both for you. The most interesting part of this app is that you keep actually keep track of the seasons’ episodes watched and whatever is coming up next. This way, you don’t need to remember each ongoing season by yourself. The app does it all for you.

teatv watch movies online free android

Key Features

  • Watch online or download for later.
  • HD and FHD Quality playback.
  • Seasons and movies tracker.
  • Check reviews and trailers.

12: CyberFlix TV

Fans of Terrarium TV have all the rights to mourn over its discontinuation. It was a golden mine for movies and seasons enthusiasts. Well, more importantly, the fans of Anime are going to love Cyberflix TV. It is one of the best apps to stream Anime on Android for free. Since most Anime series consists of hundreds of episodes, therefore, it is sometimes hard to keep track. Therefore, use the “watched” button in top right to just tag an episode. It will now be highlighted next time you open the app.

cyberfix tv stream free movies android

Key Features

  • Free Anime, Movies and TV shows.
  • Runs well on built-in media player. 
  • Choose the subtitles you want to play with movies or Anime.
  • The “watched” button is a blessing.

13: Prime Video

Here comes the big gun. Prime Video Maker is on its unstoppable mission to take over the world. There’s is not a field in sight that Amz is not a part of. Similarly, online streaming and video on demand business has become one of its core. Prime Video is now one of the biggest online stores to watch hundreds of thousands hours worth of content. It is all available under a small subscription. More importantly, this content is available and generated from various regions. Therefore, if you are someone who like to watch native movies and shows only, then you’re going to love this service. There are a lot of originals that are worth watching.

prime video watch movies shows online stream android

Key Features

  • Prime Originals.
  • Content available in multiple languages.
  • Use same account on multiple devices.
  • Get free Twitch Prime sub every month!!

14: Hulu

If there is any app on this list that can genuinely go head to head with Prime Video, then it’s got to be Hulu. At the core, both are pretty similar services. When you think of one, other comes to mind automatically. At end of the day, it comes down to personal preference only. 

Both of these services host a similar library of shows and movies. However, the major difference is original series. Therefore, if you are someone living in United States of America or somewhere in Europe, then it may not affect you as much. English is the major language in these countries afterall and most of the content on it is in this language. 

hulu stream movies shows android free

Key Features

  • Access to unlimited Video On Demand content.
  • Watch movies and TV shows.
  • Select subtitles in different languages.

15: FOX Movies

When it comes to exclusive services, just like Sony Crackle mentioned above, FOX Movies is a must have. It offers a super rich library of fantastic FOX production movies and TV seasons from over the years. Watch your favorite shows on-demand. Similarly, stream old movies. 

Note that some newly or freshly released movies or shows may not be readily available. Either wait for those to turn up in the app or just use any of the above mentioned apps that use torrents and third party servers to host movies early. 

fox movies stream seasons movies android free

Key Features

  • Access to FOX library of movies and TV shows.
  • Watch with subtitles.
  • Use same account anywhere.

16: CotoMovies

Watch offline or stream movies and seasons for free on Android with CotoMovies. It gathers its data from multiple sources. Therefore, even if one link is not working, there is a good chance that other links will do the job for you.

CotoMovies is also one of the cleanest looking apps in this list. Moreover, it works flawlessly with Chromecast, Fire TV and Roku. Therefore, you won’t ever have any issues with it whether watching at home or on-the-go. Those who don’t want to waste mobile data, just download the movies and watch them offline whenever. 

cotomovies stream movies on android free

Key Features

  • Watch with subtitles of choice.
  • Watch offline or stream online.
  • Connect with casting devices like Chromecast and FireTV.
  • Super clean interface.

17: Vudu

It is a particularly interesting streaming service. It is both free and not free at the same time. Well, there is not subscription service fee. Lets put it out there. You only have to pay for what you want to watch. Vudu is like a rental service. In addition to paid shows, there are thousands of movies and TV shows that are available to watch for free. In order to watch these however, you need sit through some ads. This is the only downside. 

vudu watch android movies free

Key Features

  • Chromecast support.
  • Watch with subtitles.
  • Watch movies and shows offline.

18: SnagFilms

If you want to watch documentaries for free on Android, then this is the app for the job. SnagFilms is the collection of world-Class documentaries and independant movies. If you are into this sort of thing, then definitely go for it. You’d be surprised by how addictive these documentaries can really be.

snagfilms watch free documentaries android

Key Features

  • Collection of documentaries and independent films.
  • Unique content, not found anywhere else.
  • Kids Friendly content available as well.


In terms of features and overall use, onebox HD is pretty similar to lot of other apps in this list. It can fetch the movies and shows in different resolutions. You need to install a special player for it to work as well. Otherwise, the experience is a smooth as it gets. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it once it is all set up. 

In order to cast it to TV, use the Chromecast mirror. There is no dedicated app for this. Even though there is slight lag, the watching experience this way is fine too. 

Key Features

  • Straightforward to use (After initial setup).
  • Watch on TV with Chromecast.
  • Select different resolutions before playing a movie.

20: VideoBuddy

It is probably the only app this list where you can watch Indian movies for free on Android. The only drawback is that in order to watch full movies, users need to share the app on WhatsApp. This seems like a cheap marketing tactic. But, we are in fact paying nothing to watch this content. So, it is but a small sacrifice for this advantage.

videobuddy watch free indian content android

Key Features

  • Watch Hindi Movies for free on Android anywhere.
  • Keep up to date with Indian sports as well.
  • Works fast with single WhatsApp interruption.

21: Cinema HD v2

Open the app, select your favorite show or movie, choose preferred stream quality and then just enjoy the endless fun. Cinema HD v2 is as simple as it gets. There is no sign up hassle nor any surveys to complete. The only stop in the way could be if you’re using an older version, this app would notify you to update it. Otherwise, it is one of the best apps to stream movies and shows on Android for free and without any account.

cinema hd watch free movies android

Key Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple streams and qualities per video.
  • Auto-Play button for seasons.
  • Watched button for seasons’ episodes.

22: Openload Movies

A lot of apps in this list use open-source media servers to stream movies. One of these is Openload. This app is dedicated for this service only. It uses unconventional streaming and storage methods to deliver content to your device. Therefore, with time, it is becoming more and more popular. It is a good option to have in your device since a lot of new movies and TV shows come up here first.

openload movies stream seasons on android free

Key Features

  • Unique servers system.
  • Fast loading speeds.
  • Dedicated app.

23: VidMix

Rather than hosting videos on just a few servers, VidMix extends its horizons to even the likes of YouTube, Dailymotion and many more. Therefore, not only it is a hub for famous movies and seasons, but for web series, YouTube episodes and much more. Even though it does not make much of a difference, it is nice to have an option where all content is available in just one app.

vidmix stream seasons free android

Key Features

  • Access to video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.
  • Works with multiple media servers around the globe.
  • Catch latest movies and seasons in one place.

24: FilmyFy

Sometimes, getting access to free movies on Android can get harder than it needs to be. The main reason for this is the sheer amount of servers there are and how active some corporations are. Note that the movie you want to watch is always available somewhere. It is just the matter of finding it. FilmyFy does 99% of the job for you. It brings a lot of servers’ catalog into one place and lets you keep enjoying favorite content non-stop!

filmyfy stream tv shows for free android

Key Features

  • Access to multiple media servers.
  • Go through all episodes in an organized interface.
  • Watch in both low and high resolution.

25: Pelis Magnet

Some people say that why pay for something when we can get it for free? Well, the creators behind Pelis Magnet stand behind this statement. Therefore, behold one of the best alternatives to Popcorn Time. This app too streams media files via torrents. In order to make things easy for viewers, each torrent is properly organized with trailers, thumbnails and ratings. In addition to this, choose the video quality to play it on considering your own internet connection’s speed.

pelis magnet stream free tv shows android

Key Features

  • Alternative to Popcorn Time.
  • Use torrents to stream movies.
  • Watch offline or online.
  • Stream in different resolutions based on internet speed.

26: UKMOVNow

Those who are looking for apps to watch movies for free in UK, then UKMOVNow is probably the best solution. Not that other apps on this list won’t work there. Its just that the title is based on this nation so why not. Just like its competitors, it is loaded with most-wanted features like filtering, searching by episodes, genre etc. Moreover, tag episodes or movies as watched to keep a track of watching history.

ukmovnow stream movies for free uk android

Key Features

  • Tag movies and episodes as watched.
  • Get access to latest movies faster than anyone else.
  • Choose the streaming quality yourself.

27: Mega Shows

Shows like Big Bang Theory, Friends, How I met your mother, Brooklyn99 are some of the best comic creations. However, all of these examples and many more come with practically unlimited number of episodes. If the app is not organized enough, it gets pretty hard to keep track of episodes. More so, it destroys the watching experience. Mega Shows makes sure that you enjoy favorite shows without worrying about next episode. It’s all managed for you already.

mega shows stream tv shows and web series free

Key Features

  • Organizes seasons and episodes.
  • Watch top hit shows from US and UK.
  • Keep a track of watched episodes.

28: OnMovies

Fans of Bollywood rejoice! Most of the apps in this list only focus on English movies and shows. However, this app is solely focused on movies and shows from Indian Bollywood. Get your fill of favorite Hindi content under just one destination. Either watch with or without subtitles. Moreover, you get access to latest movies before releasing anywhere. OnMovies is certainly one of best apps to watch Indian movies on Android for free.

onmovies watch indian movies free android

Key Features

  • Huge library of Bollywood content.
  • Choose streaming resolutions.
  • Save offline to watch later.

29: JioCinema

The users of Jio SIM exclusively get access to thousands of movies and shows, both Indian and English. JioCinema app is sadly limited for Jio users only. However, if you are one of those, then definitely go for it. Watch new Indian movies, TV shows, Disney movies, shows and some reality series. All of this available for free basically. The Jio users don’t need to spend extra for it.

jiocinema stream indian movies shows free

Key Features

  • Access to Indian and English content.
  • Reality TV shows and originals.
  • Content section for Kids.

30: Telly

This particular app is dedicated to Arabic speaking users only. Use this app to watch Arabic movies for free on Android. Moreover, binge-watch best TV shows and reality shows whenever, wherever. 

If someone who cannot understand Arabic, opt to watch with subtitles on. It works pretty well this way too.

telly watch free arabic movies and tv shows android app

Key Features

  • Arabic content.
  • Subtitles available in multiple languages.
  • Access TV seasons, reality shows and movies.

31: Viewster – Anime

We’ve talked about Hollywood, Bollywood and even Arabic media. It’s time Anime fans go what they deserve. Viewster is a unique app that not only host lot of original Anime series in HD quality, but fandom TV content as well. For those who are not familiar, there is always a lot of debate going on related to fiction in these series. Some people like to cook up documentaries, theories and what not. You can not only watch favorite Anime series but related fans’s generated content as well.

viewster watch anime for free android app

Key Features

  • Watch Anime in HD quality.
  • Access fan created videos like theories and documentaries.
  • Watch behind-the-scenes content.

32: Crunchyroll

Naruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tale are just few of the top anime available on Crunchyroll. Arguably, is is one of the best Android apps to stream Anime for free. There are two main options for use it. Either opt for the regular ad-supported free version or unlock premium membership and watch latest episodes as soon as they are released in Japan. Moreover, all Anime are in HD quality with properly synced subtitles.

crunchyroll android app free watch anime

Key Features

  • Chromecast support.
  • Watch ongoing Anime after they are aired in Japan.
  • One of biggest libraries for watching Anime on Android.

33: Kanopy

Looking for something thought-provoking? Kanopy is a unique app that instead of streaming regular movies and shows like other apps, focuses on meaningful short stories and even full-length movies. This type of content is not readily available on most sources. Moreover, it is often hard to come across this sort of media. Therefore, if you’re looking to watch some enlightening stuff, then go for it.

kanopy stream short movies android app

Key Features

  • Meaningful movies and short stories.
  • Documentaries.
  • Not a regular movies streaming app.

34: Viki: Korean Drama

Now we’re really entering into the realm of unknown. Not so long ago, nobody had even heard of Korean media. I mean outside of Korea of course. No disrespect intended! The main reason for their climb to fame is the unique kind of romance that they depict. Girls especially fall in love with the kind of writing and direction that these shows present. If you’re one of those fans, then definitely go for it. There’s lot more stuff to discover.

viki watch korean dramas free android app

Key Features

  • Watch Korean dramas and shows on your phone.
  • Choose subtitles of your preferred language.
  • Discover new series based on previous watching history.

35: Viu – Korean Movies

The newfound craze of Korean dramas and movies outside the country itself is only going up. More than anyone else, girls are particularly going crazy for the kind of romance that these shows depict. This is actually too cute to be true from a normal guy’s perspective. Anyway, we are still here to provide its fans with the best apps to watch Korean dramas and movies for free on Android phones and tablets. Additionally, you could also run it on a big screen either via casting or an emulator.

viu stream korean movies for free android

Key Features

  • Huge library of Korean TV shows, movies.
  • Choose English or other language subtitles.
  • Discover new content within the app via the recommendation system.

36: Spuul

In addition to full-length Indian movies, the major perk of the Spuul app is that you can watch live TV on it. Whether it is news, entertainment, kids channel or whatever, it is all here. The interface makes it pretty easy to use. The only downside is that new movies are not added quickly enough. All of its content is legally obtained. Therefore, it takes longer to add new movies and even TV channels to an already huge library. 

spuul watch live tv free android

Key Features

  • Watch Live TV.
  • Explore the huge library of Indian movies.
  • Check live News.

37: FunimationNow

Here comes another cool addition to quenching the thirst of Anime fans. Just like other apps, it offers a huge and updated library of top Anime like Naruto, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z and more. In addition to these, you can search for new ones or just explore through given recommendations. All in all, FunimationNow is a great app to watch Anime online on Android devices.

funimationnow watch free anime android app

Key Features

  • +/- 10 sec skip option like YouTube.
  • Recommendation system
  • Keep track or ongoing Anime series.


This is one of those apps where you can find low-key movies and documentaries. This app is not filled with mainstream movies or shows. Instead, you’ll find hidden gems and even some trash honestly. For those who are tired of watching the same chick flicks over and over again, BIGSTAR is definitely one to try. It offers a unique experience for experienced watchers.

bigstar movies documentaries for android

Key Features

  • Movies and documentaries not found anywhere else.
  • Ever-growing catalog of movies and shows.
  • Watch with ads for free.

39: Dailymotion

Thanks to YouTube, Dailymotion often goes under the radar. Partly because there are not as many creators as YT. However, there’s one major advantage of this. People often upload full-length movies, both Indian and Hollywood on here. In most cases, they are taken down. However, you can still expect to find a lot of new movies here and watch them without any hassle.


Key Features

  • Easy interface.
  • New movies are available very often.
  • Watch web series and other content uploaded by creators.

40: Movie HD

To finish this list off, Movie HD seems like the best contended. It is everything that this article stands for. You get free movies, TV shows, and even documentaries. Watch them with or without subtitles. Additionally, choose the streaming resolution quality to have a buffering-free experience. Overall, it is a decent option in its category.

movie hd watch free movies android app

Key Features

  • Free Movies and TV shows.
  • Choose to watch in SD, HD or Full HD quality.
  • Select subtitles of your choice.


When we search around the web, there are thousands of resources for this particular task. We have done our best to gather the best possible collection to make sure you get plenty of choice and peace of mind as well. Not all apps are what they seem to be. Therefore, always be careful before blindly installing any. We hope that you enjoy this collection!

Last Updated: April 20, 2020

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