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In today’s busy world and busy schedules, we often miss out our important things which get piled up, and we are left with a huge mountain of our to-dos. We have all tried making notes, sticking them to our bags or cabinets but that does not really work, as we forget to check the list very often.

The most reliable solution is to have our to-do lists in our phones as we keep them with us all the time, and it can be more simplified if we have this app installed. is a pretty app with a simple user interface and a lot of features. Task List & To-do List apk Task List & To-do List apk download


  • You can set your priorities while making your to-do list. For example, if you need to make a call without any delay, you can add it to Today’s task or if you want to get new curtains for your room you can add the task to next week’s to-do list.  You can also create your grocery list where each item can be edited or deleted if bought, individually.
  • The app simplifies the tasks to be done by letting you organize them in lists including tasks for Today, Tomorrow, Next week and Someday.
  • This lets you finish the urgent tasks earlier.

Voice Input:

In case you are cooking or driving and you suddenly remember something you have to do today, you can open the app and instead of typing just speak after tapping the microphone icon and the app will remember it for you. Task List & To-do List apk 2 Task List & To-do List apk 3


In case your tasks include things to be done with others like grocery shopping with your mom or a dinner with friends you can share your to-do list with your friends, family and co-workers as well.


  • The app is very easy to use with simple gestures. You can create a widget of the app on your home screen to make it easily accessible at all times.
  • If you have completed a task from the list, just swipe your finger over it to mark it as complete and remove all the completed tasks by shaking your phone.
  • The app also gives you the option to include your missed calls in to-do list and the app will set reminder for it so that you can call them later.
  • The app will wish you Good morning for a better start of the day and will ask you input all your tasks for the rest of the day. It will also remind you about the entire pending task scheduled for that day. You have the option to mark those tasks individually as done, delete the tasks with a single tap or schedule them for later.
  • Another useful feature is the ability to text, call or write an email from with the app.


The app is completely customizable. You can change the theme of the app as you like and also make different folders to organize your tasks for work, home, friends, etc. supports 16 different languages including English, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Spanish, etc. which breaks the language barrier. The app is available in Playstore for free download and also offers some in-app purchases. requires Android 2.2 or later.

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