Add A Sweet Spot To Your Photos With Creative Focus Lens

Smartphone Cameras are gaining more and more popularity than any other casual cam, why? Because they are easy to use and you can take them anywhere you want without any tension at all. You do not need a Neck Strap or Hand Bag to carry the Camera and with the power to Internet Connectivity, you can share them instantly on your Favorite Social Media Site and now with the introduction of Mobile Cam lenses, people start to love the Mobile cams even more.


If you consider the fact that users are adopting Mobile based Photography more and more and mix it with the accessories to give their cam a particular boost, the Creative Focus Lens by Lensbaby Inc. is such a product that is attempting to break into the world. The Creative Focus Lens is all about taking creative photos that beat the ordinary iPhone Photo by containing a “Sweet Spot.” The Sweet Spot as Lensbaby likes to call it, got its name because it focuses a particular part giving it more clarity by blurring the surrounding section being blurred out in a unique way.

The company behind it is building products for Professional Photographers for quite a time and this amazing mobile accessory is their first attempt in marking their name in Mobile Photography. The Creative lens is all about giving a push to iPhone users to enhance their skills in Photography without any Professional or Semi-Professional Camera. The casual blur effect can be blended in real time allow users to get a complete understanding of the Blurring effect.

With the application for this app, you can adjust where to focus and where the blur effect must be applied, thus giving you the power to apply the Sweet Spot to the exact right spot. The lens itself is an appeal to fans of its hobby and you can get it $20 less than retail through Kickstarter is some bonus. However, there are some questions arising about how to attach the lens and how efficient it is.

Other accessories of this nature can be attached with some extra parts given with it or they act as a stand while acting as a lens too. The Creative Focus Lens comes with an Extra strong magnet to remove this issue once and for all, but still those who wants to use this Lens, need to attach a Steel Ring to the Rear Camera of their device in order for that magnet to work. That would rule out everyone who likes to keep their device clean and spotless, but all the Photography fans will surely try it.

Here are some Sample Photos demonstrating What the lens can do:

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