White Nexus 5 Surfaces

While we were just waiting for some official announcement from Google on what or when will the next Nexus be Launched??
evleaks has beaten the rumor mill once more..!!

evleaks has come out with another image of Nexus 5 this time in WHITE color.

Seeing the status of these leaks and the status of evleaks as such a strong force we now have no doubts on how the new Nexus phone is going to look like.

Points to be noted in the image-
1- The wallpaper remains the same again like the previous leak images from evleaks and telus.
2- The icons: Oh boy i guess we are going to have a respite from the dull android stock icons now for sure.
3- Transparent status bar.
4- OH WAIT..!! Are those white status bar icons?? I guess this can be photo shopped (GUESS!!) As Google would like to stick with its typical holo ui and Blue status bar icons. But if these are actually white then again a welcome change.
5- Transparent Navigation bar as well.
6-Wish the front was white as well. This can possibly a turn off for a few including me.
7- LETS wait and WATCH NOW.


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