White Nexus 5 Appears prior to Launch

Nexus 5, Nexus 5 everywhere! Tired of hearing so much about it, or excited about the new flagship by LG and Google? This post will cheer both the types up.. With the many appearances that the Google Nexus 5 is already making off and on, today we found something unusual thing on Google+. The Nexus 5 has leaked in a bald blue retail packaging (just like Nexus 7) which shows off the complete retail look of the device by Google and LG.

Whats exciting about the leak is that the leaked image shows off a white Nexus 5 on the retail packaging. It might be possible that Google announces both white and black variants of the phone at the same time.


So, if we sum it all up, Google’s new flagship will arrive in two colors, both available in 16 and 32GB of storage capacity. Well that not so surprising as Google did the same with the Nexus 4- rolled out both white and black models but yes, surely not at the same time. Now all that we need to know more is if the Nexus 5 will also come with a 3,000mAh battery variant, id Verizon will be supported and when will the phone hit market. (Read the complete specs)

Another reason to why the white Nexus 5 is not a surprise is that, if you remember we showed off the first ever clear image that leaked of the Nexus 5. It was a Nexus 5 in black put upside down and there was another phone resting on it, facing upward. If you look at that image again you’ll notice that the phone that was over the black Nexus 5 was actually a white variant of the phone. (See the image below)


This is all we got, folks! Stay tuned for more updates. Any queries? Comment below..

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