What To Do When Google Play Store Crashes!

If you are a constant Android user, you might use the Google Play Store almost daily to check out any new applications, or check if there are any updates available for the pre-installed apps on your phone already! As you all know, Android is an Open-Source development OS. So there are many awesome and breath-taking features in it. But there are some frustrating bugs in it too. Many of the Android users complain about the Google Play Store abruptly shutting down, or crashing while launching it on their Android device. Yes, it is a true bug, and yes, it is frustrating! In this guide, we are going to share with you all the important steps that you probably should follow in order to eradicate this silly and frustrating bug!

Clear Cache
The very first thing that we suggest you do to eradicate this problem is to simply clear the application cache of the Google Play Store. In order to do so, navigate to Settings>Apps, and then select and clear the app cache of Google Play Store. Reboot your Android device and try using the Play Store again.

Clear Data
Although clearing just the cache of the Google Play Store may fix the error, try clearing the Application data this time if clearing cache doesn’t work. Navigate to Settings>Apps, select Google Play Store, and tap on ‘Clear Data’. Now reboot your Android device, and check if the problem still persists. If it still isn’t eradicated, follow the other steps in this list!

Uninstall Updates
Sometimes, updates bring even more bugs instead of fixing some. If the above two steps didn’t work for you, navigate to Settings>Apps, locate and select Google Play Store, and tap on the ‘Uninstall Updates’ button. This will simply wipe off the existing updates on your Google Play Store, and resets it back to stock.

Remove And Add Your Google Account
This sometimes does the trick. If the above processes don’t work for your Android device, then this might do the job. Sometimes, the Google Play Store error is due to your Google Account itself. So, removing and adding your Google Account once again might eradicate the Google Play Store errors.

Factory Reset Your Phone
Unfortunately if none of the above steps work out for your Android device, there is no option but to finally factory reset your Android device. This method will work 90% for all the Android devices. To factory reset your Android device, navigate to Settings>Backup and Restore, and tap in ‘Factory reset device’.

We hope that one of these methods helped you with your Google Play Store force close error. If none of these work, then re-flash your Android device’s firmware, as it may be a missing or corrupt system file. If you are a rooted Android user, then navigate to System>Hosts, and simply delete it. Don’t worry, it is a temporary file. Deleting the hosts file will force the system to create a new and fresh one, hereby decreasing the chances of any further Google Play Store errors.
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