What is Cloud Storage, Do You Need One?

In the past 5 years, online storage has grown quite famous and more people are moving their files online day-by-day. Google, Microsoft, DropBox and many more offer free space online for you to store your data online without the fear of losses. But the question here is how can you benefit from this service?

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What is Cloud?

Cloud storage is referred to any storage space online that you can access via internet. You save your files on the net and then you can access those files anywhere where there is internet connection. In today world where one virus attack can wreak havoc to your important files, PC users crave to find solutions to protect their data. The problem is that for new viruses, no antivirus can guarantee full protection. The best you can do is to save your data away from your PC in a separate, easy to access place from where you can recover files in case of a disaster.

Do I Use Cloud?

I, myself am always on the lookout for free online storage. I have currently over 200 GB online storage in different accounts. I use these accounts to store different things like my pictures, study related material and one account even holds all my software collection (that’s 70 Gb alone) the peace of mind it gives me is immense. I can at any time wipe my hard drive, reinstall Windows if an error occurs or virus attacks, link cloud accounts in new windows and all my files are again with me in a day or two.

Should you use Cloud Storage?

Yes, yes, yes! No matter how mediocre PC user you are, you must at least have some family photos that you would rather die than lose them. A computer hard drive, USB stick or even a DVD is no place for such things as they easily become corrupted or deleted. If you have anything of value you do not place is on the table for everyone to view, you must take care of such things. Online storage will keep your data safe for as long as you like.

So What Cloud Storage Should I Use?

This is the question you should answer yourself.

Best cloud apps


Very Basic

Very Basic

Close Windows Integration

Close Google Integration

Feature Rich for Power Users

Service Name


Sugar Sync

Sky Drive

Google Drive

Drop Box

Storage Capacity

15 Gb free

10 Gb free

25 Gb free

7Gb free

2Gb free

Extra for referrals

5 Gb

500 Mb

500 Mb

Max Free Storage




Quickly get 100s of Gbs with referrals

Will create a drive in your My Computer folder

Easy use with built in integration to Windows 8

Easy to use lots of free online features

Vast array of features


Fewer feature

Fewer features, must have account activity to keep free account

Fewer features

Fewer features

Very limited free space


(will also give you extra storage mentioned)







Using cloud storage takes some time to get used to, any computer user shall be able to learn his/her way around it soon.

Abdullah Akbar

Abdullah Akbar Shafi is currently doing Software Engineering And he writes on Gadgets and Technology as his interest.
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