What About The Leaked Photos Of Nexus 5?

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Since the beginning of the rumours about Nexus 5, everyone is wondering how will it look like, what kind of design Google present the world, well no body knows the answer to that, it will be answered but only one day before the release, as it happened every time. But that won’t stop others to put the leaked images claiming that these are the Nexus 5 images.


What we are putting here is the ‘accidental’ images of Google Video goof, in which their employees were holding a phone with the logo of LG on it’s back and Nexus name. Truth be told, Google made an unofficial announcement, there is no confirmed thing. But it’s fun to make gussets isn’t it. The credit goes to The Verge for putting this image on Internet, as it is said Google employees are holding a phone with LG logo and Nexus name on it.



While this video was on the loop, the words about the phone in this video emerged as, that this phone as shown in video doesn’t exist it never has and still doesn’t, let’s say not officially for now. On the other hand, it was never appeared in any concept photos either. The video was about Android 4.4 Kit Kat and it was an official video to show off the new Android Operating System, how can such a company like Google can accidentally uses their next flagship to show off their next version of OS. Well we can’t consider it as an Accident but a Market Stunt.

LG gave their words that they haven’t made any official announcements, while Google said it as a ‘accidental leak’, instead of issuing a non-official statement.

FCC Leaked Photos:

At the time when Google released this video, FCC announced the photos of a device who has been tested on 7 different LTE networks. They were quickly attributed to Nexus 5, since it looked exactly like the phone appeared in the video:

  • It has an LG logo.
  • Its body was made from Black matte material.
  • It has camera opening in the same spot and size.


Another Google Goof-up:

Well i believe that Google has understand that their so-called ‘accident’ has taken a lot of publicity, Google has done the same thing that happen at the time of iPhone4. A Google employee left the a device at bar, making the latest leak video of Nexus 5. This video was first shown on BGR.



The device shown in this leaked video looks exactly the same as the device shown in FCC photos and Google Video. Now only time will tell whether all these rumours are true or not, till the stay tuned and keep waiting for Nexus 5.

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