Viber New Update For iOS 7, Brand New Interface And Much More

Viber is the most used Social Chatting application for almost all the Embeded Platforms, and it has all the rights to become one. WhatsApp brought a revolution in such category, but even before WhatsApp, BBM Messenger was there to provide such things, so WhatsApp bringing Wi-Fi chatting was not something unique to see, but with Viber bringing Wi-Fi and 3G calls option, and not to mention, the very first app to do so, giving users a whole new experience and ease to connect with others. In the beginning, many found problems with Viber Wi-Fi calling but as the app gets old, it brought many improvements and new things to give users something to root for.


As we know, iOS and Android, despite shares many games with the utmost similarity, are still two complete different platforms. Viber is available free on both OS, and it has recently been updated on iOS,bringing a lot of new things, instead of only Bug Fixes, which is a very common thing to see in almost every update. The newest version is 4.2 and it looks like, this new update is specifically for iOS 7. Desing has been completely changed, thus bringing a whole new interface only for iOS 7. Since Apple is forcing everyone to update their device to iOS 7, I think it is best that the Interface has made for iOS 7.


Other than that, Keyboard has been changed, previous version had the Keyboard from iOS 6 and this update changes the Keyboard from iOS 7. You can now send, Multiple Photos and Videos at the Same time, Block any number or Contact, Video can be sent with bigger length and also some bug fixes. You might have already received the update of Viber, but if you haven’t already, keep checking the Apple Store for new update, remember the newest version if 4.2.

Download Viber From Apple Store

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