Useful ADB and Fastboot Commands and How to Use them

ADB an official tool by Google – you must have heard of it if you have ever  come across Android development or flashing processes. Stands for Android Debug Bridge basically and helps you to establish a connection and communicate between your phone and your computer. ADB has a command line interface, which helps the developers / programmers / users to enter commands and do the stuff they want. ADB also plays an important role when you don’t have access to certain things on your phone, you can simply handle the problem through the command window.

Earlier we posted a guide on “How to Install and Use Android ADB & Fastboot” but missed the important ADB commands that may become handy in some cases, and found necessary to cover them now. In case you’re wondering about Fastboot, it’s a component of ADB that helps you to flash files or make tweaks by accessing Fastboot mode on your device. Well, let’s get back to the topic. In the following post I’ve listed the useful ADB commands, and also explained their use.?????????????

You may want to install Android ADB and Fastboot, and also learn how to use the program actually please go through this guide:

How to Install Android Adb & Fastboot Drivers on Your Windows PC [Guide]

Checkout the Page 2 for all the commands.

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  • riza

    why my samsung galaxy error when i write adb reboot download ? on screen still downloading. pls help me

  • ford

    Is it possible to execute a fastboot bat install script from a Windows 8.1 computer? The bat scrip in question is a fastboot install script for my Xiaomi MiPad but the GUI that is supposed to flash it doesn’t work properly so I am looking for a manual option to run it in fastboot.

    The GUI did manage to install device drivers so I can connect properly ADB and Fastboot.

    If it is possible to run a script manually in fastboot then adding this command to your list would be most useful and you would earn my undying gratitiude :=)

    • @disqus_VmwZ4lsKKO:disqus you will have to look actually what commands that bat script runs, there might be a way to run it using the manual adb and fastboot. Also, if you’re having problems running bat script on a windows 8.1 computer, you will need to resolve the issue. I haven’t done a guide for that yet, but ADB and Fastboot do not easily get configured on windows 8.1.. until windows 8, it was just fine.. however, stay connected, I shall find a method and let you know soon.

      • ford

        Hey thanks for the input! Will stay connected. I can post the script maybe?

        (By the way reboots me into fastboot mode as my version of adb only has reboot and reboot-bootloader else a space after reboot is immediately executed as normal reboot. Maybe Google have simplified commands in new versions of adb?)

        • @disqus_VmwZ4lsKKO:disqus Which ADB and Fastboot drivers are you using? The current version is using the commands listed above, and Minimal ADB and Fastboot uses the same commands as well.

  • @disqus_VmwZ4lsKKO:disqus that’s a very great news and your comment will definitely help a lot of users as well. Thank you for letting me know and stay connected 🙂

  • aprilscomments

    Are you aware you stated the exact same command under “backing up system and installed apps” for backing up system and what you call “installed” apps. The command you meant to copy and paste there replaces system with data. Like this adb pull /data/app backup/installedapps

    • I don’t see a problem with anything I wrote above. Can you please elaborate a little more?

      • aprilscomments

        Check screenshot for your problem. You repeated the path /system/app for both installed and system apps… when you want /data/app for installed apps.

  • @disqus_Yx1LqCkpzP:disqus flash a new stock firmwre on your device and then flash a recovery on that. Best of luck.

  • Rafael F

    No puedo ver los comandos, help me please!

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