Update Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210/T210R With Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean [How To – Guide]

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 is much popular among the users, specially the females sitting at home and enjoying their time playing some cool games or watching tips for their everyday life, one more use of the Tab is for kids who always love to mess around with addictive and amazing Android apps running on it. Tab 3 comes pre-loaded with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and the device will run on the same Android version until and unless Samsung gives the device some attention and rolls out some information officially about any future updates for Galaxy Tab 3. That may leave signs of disappointment on those who are looking to taste something new and different on their devices, but wait! Don’t worry about it, specially when we have XDA-Developers around.

Thanks to the developer for coming up with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ported from Galaxy Tab Lite SM-T110 to Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210 and SM-T210R. The stable build has already landed, you may install it on your device and get it a whole new life. Android 4.2.2 surely is a lot better with fixed bugs, performance enhancements here and there and minor UI changes atop. Android 4.2.2 also gives you Multi Window feature that Samsung introduced in Galaxy S3 first of all. Battery life is enhanced as well. Galaxy Tab 3 will not get any update any time soon, so this maybe the best choice to go with for now. In order to get it installed on your device, you may head towards the installation instructions and method now.

Here are the important installation instructions:

      1. This ROM works for Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210 and SM-T210R. Do not try this on any other device. Check your device’s model under settings > About device > Model.
      2. Your device must be charged over at least 60%. This is highly recommended in order to prevent any mishap during the installation process.
      3. Use the OEM data cable to establish connection between your PC and Phone if needed.
      4. Backup each and everything on your Android phone as you may have to go through data wipes during installation process. Here are the backup procedures.
      5. Backup all your important contacts, find the full guide here.
      6. Backup all your important sms messages, find the full guide here.
      7. Backup all your important call logs, find the full guide here.
      8. Backup all your important media content manually. (Copy to your PC.)
      9. Backup all your apps / data. If you’ve rooted your device, use Titanium Backup to do so. Follow the full guide here.
      10. Your device must have TWRP Recovery installed. Follow the full guide here to install one.
      11. Once installed TWRP or CWM, don’t forget to make a nandroid backup using the backup options in the custom recovery. This is highly recommended in case something goes wrong and you need to go back to the previous working state of your system immediately.
      12. Although this ROM is a stable build, but we recommend you to install this only if you’ve enough knowledge about custom ROMs and you actually know how to handle these. In case you’re not much familiar, you may stick to your phone’s current OS.
      13. Make sure that you read all the important instructions carefully. Once done, you may go ahead.
Disclaimer: The methods involved in flashing custom roms and rooting your phone are highly custom and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturer that is SAMSUNG in our case. Also rooting your device will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturers/warranty providers. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.


How to Install Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210/T210R:

Download the zip files for your device:

    1. T110 on T210/210R.zip [ROM.zip]
    2. Download Kernel.zip file
    1. Copy both the downloaded .zip files to your phones’ external or internal SD card.
    2. Now boot into custom recovery (CWM or TWRP)  depending on the one you installed on your device.
    3. In custom recovery wipe factory data first. (for neat installation).
    4. Now select “Install > Choose Zip > locate the file from where you placed it > Choose Kernel.zip file”.
    5. Get back to the main menu in CWM recovery and once again now select “Install > Choose Zip > locate the file from where you placed it > Choose ROM.zip file”.
    6. Complete the ROM installation.
    7. Once the installation is completed, reboot your device.
    8. First boot may take a few minutes, hold on.
    9. Once you see the screen you’re done.
    10. That’s All! Enjoy Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on your Galaxy Tab 3.

Here are some screenshots from this ROM:



This ROM may take a while to completely boot you into your phone. In case it’s taking too long, boot into CWM recovery and wipe cache and dalvik cache and reboot it. If it’s still stuck on the boot screen, you may want to go back to your phone’s last working state. You can either restore your phone’s nandroid backup or flash a stock firmware using our full guide here.

In case you got any queries, or face any issues with this post, feel free to stop by the comment box below and drop us your words. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks All

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  • Dave Sutton

    just did this everything seemed fine just wifi and bluetooth when pressed button to turn on would say turning on then go off. am i doing something wrong?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_BHTdEAB8Ik:disqus this seems to be a bug in this rom. You may go back to stock in case you wish, or just wait for the developer to come up with the fixes..

  • cajun in looziana

    Is it rooted? Stock bloat? Is it a custom port already cleaned up?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @cajuninlooziana:disqus it’s a ported stock rom. It’s custom now. I’m not sure about bloatware.

  • Jon_Lilley

    Android is upgrading…. 🙂

  • Jon_Lilley

    wifi not wanting to turn on any ideas

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_a2eaIcJhi1:disqus do you still have the WiFi problem? If so, you may go back to stock firmware as this may be a bug in this ROM as it’s a custom one. http://techbeasts.com/2013/10/12/how-to-install-stock-firmware-on-samsung-android-smartphones/

      • Jon_Lilley

        i used a different method. now http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2646083 and when flashing i clicked add more and added the kernel and the rom at the same time

        • Usama Mujtaba

          @disqus_a2eaIcJhi1:disqus the method explained above is from the same thread and there is no difference. Do you mean that you didn’t flash kernel earlier? Is the issue resolved now? And where did you click “add more” ? You’re using what to flash this rom and kernel ?

    • Weld ‘Darragi

      I have got the same problem.
      I returned to custom recovery, i installed kernels again and the problem was solved.

      • Usama Mujtaba

        @welddarragi:disqus Glad to know your issue is resolved. Your comment will definitely help others. Stay connected.

      • Dave

        this solved my problem – thanks!

      • pebre79

        Worked for me too! Thanks!!!

  • cajun in looziana

    If you go to the developers threads on xda you’ll see that this is a development project. Many fickle behaviors still being ironed out. It is not released as stable and is recommended for developers only at this time. i couldn’t get it to work at all but didn’t persevere because of its development stage. Hopefully our wonderful developers will continue their great strides for a fully functionally stable release. OR samsung actually roles out some updates for their best selling forgotten child!

  • Ganesh Chavan

    hi pls tell me can i upgrade the above zip files to SM-T211

  • Ill Dubb

    can this rom be rooted? Or is it already rooted?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @illdubb:disqus itshould be pre-rooted.

  • Jaymes

    Got this error when installing T110_on_T210R Stable.zip in Recovery Mode

    format () expects 5 args, got 4
    E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Any help? Thanks

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_Co6aTvCYxM:disqus try changing the location of the zip file, if you’ve placed it on external storage, then place it on internal and try it, otherwise place on internal and try it.

  • Usama Mujtaba

    @disqus_Co6aTvCYxM:disqus Thank you for letting us know. Your feedback will help others as well.

    • Dark_Git

      I’m getting the same error:
      format () expects 5 args, got 4
      E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
      (Status 7)
      Installation aborted.

      tried the earlier and later versions of CWM and no luck. infact on the older version no matter what I do it cannot see my card. Even after formatting to FAT32. On top of that I now get an error when I try to restore stating there’s an MD5 mismatch

    • Dark_Git

      I’ve got the same error but these suggestions have not helped and I can’t restore as I get an MD5 mismatch error now

      • Usama Mujtaba

        @Dark_Git:disqus It’s not official firmware, so no guarantees on that part. However if you’re using latest CWM recovery you shouldn’t get the status seven error. You can always flash a stock firmware using Odin, but make sure that you download it carefully for your device.

  • Julz

    Got the same issue, could you put down the link for v6.0.4.5 please

  • Donald Wilkins

    Thank you for posting this process. I rooted my samsung tab 3 7 and updated to the 4.2.2 version. My problem is the “contacts” keep responding as stopped when I open the folder. Any suggestions?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @donald_wilkins:disqus go to settings > applications > and clear contact’s data. It should resolve the issue. Let me know what happens.

  • Usama Mujtaba

    @donald_wilkins:disqus try using any third party contacts app from the play store.

  • Richy Alvaro Burgos

    I got this working! After I read this comment, I decided to try to reinstall the OS again using T210.CWM. This time when i reinstalled it, i did the ROM first and then the kernel. It works fine now =) hope this helps someone!

  • Daniel

    format () expects 5 args, got 4
    E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    help please 🙁

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @disqus_adhLRG9LPu:disqus try changing the location of .zip file on your TAB or else please use the latest CWM recovery.

      • Ar-ar Wolfe

        Hello @usamamujtaba:disqus I have the same Problem Here,.. I am Using CWM recovery like you said here and i try changing the location to saved file anywhere into my external or internal SD card. but i got the same Problem, Any More Suggestion? By the way I Rooted my Device in This Method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2391367

  • davids

    Overheating my tab 3 I feel that whit this update

  • Kerry Weaver

    do i have to install the kernel too?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @kerryweaver:disqus ROM comes with the kernel.

  • Usama Mujtaba

    @disqus_GbRl1QHfan:disqus this won’t work on your TAB. You need to factory reset it using its recovery, or just flash stock firmware on the tab.

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    Hello There Developers,
    Is the Kernel that I will use is the one in the download list? because it’s has too small amount of bytes for kernel. please answer asap. thanks ^_^ More Power!

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @ararwolfe:disqus At first we are not the developers.
      The ROM comes with the kernel listed above, you will only flash that…, you don’t need to use anything else except mentioned in this post.
      Good Luck.

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    Hello Usama Mujtaba, this rom Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on your Galaxy Tab 3 is already been rooted?

    • Usama Mujtaba

      yes its pre-rooted. Its not official firmware.

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    I Got Error Problem. I Follow the 1-4 Instructions, but when applying instruction N0. 5 It says:

    — Installing: /data/media/Install Update/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    format() expects 5 args, got 4
    E:Error in /data/media/Install Update/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
    (Status 7)
    Instalation aborted.

    That’s it,.. and then I restore my backup file,..and then I re-downloaded the [ROM.zip] File, because i thought. maybe the file corrupted, but then again i do it again follow all the instructions(1-5), but same problem came out,.. Any Suggestion? what should i do next?
    BTW my Tablet is already been Rooted.

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    @usamamujtaba:disqus Guys? Where can i Download CWM recovery v6.0.4.5 old Version?? the v6.0.4.7 latest Doesn’t work,.. Any Suggestion?

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    Hey If anyone Got a Problem like this,..
    format () expects 5 args, got 4E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    I Got the Solution is Simple, Download the Latest CWM Recovery T210.CWM.v6.0.4.8.tar.md5 Here:

    But I’ve got another problem,.. I cannot open my Wifi, if I Going To Enable it, it will automatically disable,.. Any Suggestion ? @Usama Mujtaba:disqus Thanks,..

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    Hey If anyone Got a Problem like this,..
    format () expects 5 args, got 4E: Error in /storage/sdcard1/T110_on_T210R Stable.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    I Got the Solution is Simple, Download the Latest CWM Recovery T210.CWM.v6.0.4.8.tar.md5 Here:

    But I’ve got another problem,.. I cannot open my Wifi, if I Going To Enable it, it will automatically disable,.. Any Suggestion ? @Usama Mujtaba:disqus Thanks,..ty ty

    • pebre79

      This worked for me but I also did the following:
      a) Use the above version clockworkmod (T210.CWM.v6.0.48.tar.md5)
      1) made sure my sdcard was FAT32 formatted
      2) renamed the lite-transformer-test5.zip to Kernel.zip
      3) put the Kernel.zip and T110_to_T210R Stable.zip to the root of sdcard

      I got wifi working by (see comments below)
      reinstall the Kernel.zip from custom recovery again

  • Ar-ar Wolfe

    I cannot open my WiFi, Bluetooth, Contacts.. , if I Going To Enable it, it will automatically disable,.. Any Suggestion ? @Usama Mujtaba:disqus Thanks,..

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @ararwolfe:disqus might be a bug in this ROM, if it doesn’t suite, you may go back to your stock firmware.

      • Ar-ar Wolfe

        Ok I will Thanks @usamamujtaba:disqus, the Rom is so nice by the way,.. ^_^
        I will wait for the Next Update,..

        • Usama Mujtaba

          @ararwolfe:disqus thanks for the feedback. Stay connected.

  • Erik kovalik

    can u make a video cause it is a little confusing

  • mat hias

    hee, guys….wifi and bt with no problems BUT gps signal lost….??? can u help? thx!

    • 3rd galaxy lover

      Ive got wifi n bluetooth just no bt keyboard can be connected developer please look into keyboard profiles and no playstore what’s with that

  • Alyssa Gable

    So I tried this and ended up soft bricking my tablet then My tablet died and now I am unable to power on, visibly see a charge, etc. Ive kept it on the charger for like 10+ hours and it still won’t light up or power on. Any suggestions??

    • Usama Mujtaba

      @alyssagable:disqus what exactly you did? Did you follow this guide carefully?

    • Jason

      If your battery died you can remove the case, unplug and replug in your battery. Once this is done recharge the device to full and you should be able to power it back on again. This happened to me not to long ago. 🙂

  • Saffiullah

    but its says no files found

  • Helder Lima

    I’m a Brazilian user… I had the problem with the WiFi, but to reistall the Kernel solved the problem… Thanks for All… Good Job…

    • @disqus_4Weogoaa7K:disqus that’s great. Stay connected with us!

  • aws

    The tab 3 have arabic language
    please call me is was

    • @disqus_o5vSny6uHa:disqus you can select the language from settings. Good Luck.

  • Those having WiFi problem, please flash the kernel after you’ve installed the ROM. It should fix it. Good Luck all!

  • Louie Dilao

    how long will i wait for it?

  • Louie Dilao

    i followed the instructions by the letter… you said it will take a few minutes… like for how long will the screen appear?

    • @louiedilao:disqus has your device not booted up?

  • Sunny

    hey guys, i have a problem … everything works, until i install the ROM.zip file.
    there is always an error named “format () expects 5 args, got 4” – then the installation ends.
    can anyone help me?

    • @disqus_2x1yfUICQv:disqus try using TWRP recovery.

    • Frankie

      I assume you have philz. Allow old update bianary

  • Jhun Francisco

    I like this UPDATE everything is fine, EXCEPT, the CONTACT, always close when I opened it so i download the third party apps from play store, my other problem theres a time when I open the SETTINGS is automatic close, but Im not worry about that, and the last and my BIGGEST problem is the right speaker of my tablet is not working, so how can I fix it? theres a solution?

    • @jhun_francisco:disqus right speaker problem is strange. Other problems, this is a custom ROM and do not expect it to work perfectly. Try flashing it again and see if your issue gets resolved or not.

  • ontheball_offthewall

    wait……70 comments and not a single one about the asinine first sentence??? …….”specially the females sitting at home and enjoying their time playing some cool games or watching tips for their everyday life” wtf??? do you think that’s all women do?

  • Dhang

    Hello! we followed the instructions above. You said that first boot may take awhile but up to now, my TAB 3 won’t open anymore. What should I do?

    • @disqus_aK6TGjCJm1:disqus what error are you getting?

      • Dhang

        Actually i don’t know. After rebooting the device, it doesn’t open anymore. I would like to retrieve the original software but i can’t since the device is already busted 🙁

        • @disqus_aK6TGjCJm1:disqus flash stock firmware on your device and it should recover. Find the guide on our site.

  • @joeydrieling:disqus That’s a bug in this ROM. I’ll look at the developer’s thread if there’s a fix. Stay connected meanwhile.

  • @joeydrieling:disqus it’s a bug in this ROM.

  • Fazil Syed Kaiser

    I cant download the kernel file, it fails everytime…

    • @fazilsyedkaiser:disqus that seems to be an issue with your internet, the download link is from google drive and seems to be working fine.

  • Fazil Syed Kaiser

    One more thing, the kitkat update will be coming out soon, so will i be able to update to kitkat if i insrall this ROM

  • Eleeb-Nomar

    Hey Usama you saved my day my SM-T210 is running fine now tnx

  • Eleeb-Nomar

    I understand this is maybe not the right place to ask but i am searching my ass off for a solution.The problem i have is that i have a Galaxy Ace 2 “GT-I8160” I rooted it an flashed two different rom’s on it but this notification is still coming up “com.phone.android” which in this case means i can’t call with this phone.So if there is somebody who has the solution for this i would be very thankful.And yes i tried every thing that i have found on the web about this problem.

    • @eleebnomar:disqus Please perform a factory reset and then flash a custom ROM. This might be happening due to dirty ROM installation. Clean install is always preferred. If the issue persists, this might be a bug in the ROM and you will have to flash stock.

  • Eleeb-Nomar

    Hmm i was a little bit to fast to be happy about this rom but i already encountered some issues for example,when i tried to do a software update i got his message “registering device,Processing failed” and when i tried to access contacts i got this notification “Unfortunately Contacts has stopped” could somebody help me with this.

  • Eleeb-Nomar

    Hey Usama thanks for your replies,but trying to download the 4.4.2. rom for tab 3 is a pain for me.And i whiped the dalvik cache but i still have the same notification “unfortunately contacts has stopped”

  • @eleebnomar:disqus what’s your device’s exact model number? T210 or T210R? Also tell me if ti’s installation aborted or download is aborting again and again?

    • Eleeb-Nomar

      Hey everybody i am sorry to be a cry baby:-) but i solved it.It was totally my mistake i forget to read one line in the instructions guide,shame on me.I was forgotten to extract the zip file,stupid.)-:.Now it works tanx for the replies.

  • Irfan Jat

    I downloaded the Odin and then try downloaded the recovery file. I am stuck in boot loop now and it wont just get out. I have Samsung Galaxy 3 lite t110. Can you please help how to reinstall the factory OS?

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