Update Huawei Nexus 6P with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Pure Nexus ROM

Pure Nexus Custom ROM, which is one of the most popular Custom ROMs for Google Nexus smartphones, is now available for Huawei Nexus 6P. Pure Nexus ROM gives you a chance to enjoy all the goodies that you’d want in your smartphone after rooting. The hefty list of features is good enough to make your mouth watery and flash this ROM right away. Pure Nexus Custom ROM for the Nexus 6P is based on AOSP Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The list of features attached below explains what you will get upon flashing this custom ROM.Front_and_back_of_the_Nexus_6P

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*Based on AOSP Android 6.0.1_r62
*SELinux Enforcing
*Init.d support
*Addon.d support
*T-Mobile US/EE WiFi Calling + Project Fi Support 
*Fully Working VoLTE
*Native Sprint PRL/Profile update
*Native ntfs and exfat support
*Full Substratum Theme Engine support
*Google sounds from factory image not the horrible AOSP ones
*Googles marshmallow wallpapers added to wallpaper picker 
*Advanced Reboot menu enabled by default
*Advanced rotation settings
*Enabled Developer settings by default
*Enabled option to use multi-window mode
*Enabled click/longclick on notification panel header items
*Disabled forced encryption
*Disabled Tethering checks
*Show apps being optimized during initial boot
*Bug fix's and stability improvements
*UI Improvements (fixed a bunch google forgot to materialize)
*Download Speed in download notifications
*Scrolling cache improvements
*Seek-bar style animation speed and font size control
*Full 3-Minit battery support no mods needed
*Added headset icon attached icon in statusbar
*Added back volume adjust sounds and toggle
*Added PureAmbient display options
*Added Full CAF based AppOps
*Added Special keys to all keyboard keys
*Added Ability to disable fullscreen keyboard
*Added ability to see app version when sideloading app
*Added app package name to app info screen
*Added play store link to actionbar of app info screen
*Added option to show hide substratum overlays in application screen
*Added ability to disable battery saver color in nav/statusbars
*Added ability to launch purenexus settings from notification drawer (longpress settings icon)
*Added ability to customize Settings dashboard columns, dashboard text lines, dashboard dividers
*Added ability to launch app when touching app icon in app info screen
*Added ability to pause and resume downloads
*Added ability to unlock and set default for usb action with insecure lockscreen
*Added advanced charging sound mod
*Added bluetooth device battery status to statusbar
*Added phone info shortcut to about phone/status on top
*Native Dialer lookup in the aosp dialer
*Increasing ringtone option
*Incall vibration options
*Proximity speakerphone option
*National Data roaming option
*Call/Message blocking
*Option to flip phone to mute/reject incoming call
*Link/Unlink Notification ringtone option
*ADB enhancements (ADB over wifi, Hide ADB icon, colored logcat "abd logcat -C")
*Added ability to change the device hostname
*Added Kexec and Kexec hardboot support
*Added kcal display calibration support
*Added double tap to wake, swipe to wake, swipe to sleep, camera wakeup gestures
*Added High brigtness mode support
*Removed googles bug report option
*Removed googles SystemUpdate option
*Removed googles legal information

-PureNexus Settings
Lock Screen
*Option to customize lockscreen shortcuts
*Option to disable fingerprint authorization vibration
*Long press power for torch
*double tap anywhere to sleep
*Option to disable lockscreen media art
*Scramble pin layout
*Quick pin unlock
*option to hide lockscreen clock
*option to set custom lockscreen clock fonts
*option to hide lockscreen date
*option to hide lockscreen alarm text
*option to set the alpha of lockscreen and lockscreen security bouncer 
*Lockscreeen Wallpaper (add/crop/delete)
Notification Drawer
*Force Expanded Notifications
*quick settings pulldown (left,right,always)
*smart pulldown (no ongoing, no dismissable, no notifications)
*brightness slider on/off toggle
*fully customizable quick settings with now up to 30 custom tiles
*option to enable or disable the top two main quicksettings tiles
*option to enable 3/4/5 quick settings tiles per row
*option for advanced cellular tile action
*option for advanced location in location quick setting tile
*option to enable haptic feedback on quick settings tiles
*option to disable quick tiles on secure lockscreen
Recent Apps
*Immersive recents (stock, full screen, statusbar only, navbar only)
*Clear all recents toggle
*Clear all recents location option
*Clear all recents but last app toggle
*Recent searchbar on/off toggle
*slim recents and slim recent options
*Battery customization (stock, landscape, circle, dotted circle, text, none)
*Battery percent options (hidden, inside the icon, next to the icon)
*Battery Bar options (location, color, style, thickness, anitmation)
*Carrier Text customization (text placement, custom text)
*Clock customization (position, am/pm, date, date position, date style, date format)
*Network traffic meter options (disabled/incoming/outgoing/both,  units displayed, update interval, hide arrows, autohide, autohidethreshold)
*Status-bar options (notification counter, double-tap to sleep, statusbar brightness control)
*Option to disable headset icon, vibrate icon, vpn icon in statusbar
Navigation Bar
*IME toggle
*Option for arrow cursor keys
*Option for double tap navbar to sleep
*Long-press back to kill toggle
*option to configure back kill delay
*Long-press recents for last app toggle
*Navigation bar size customization (width, height, length)
*Navigation bar customization (placement, buttons)
*Option to disable on secure lock
*Add/remove (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, torch, airplane mode, user switcher,settings shortcut, search, voice search, lock now, sound panel)
Volume Rocker
*Volume key wake
*Volume key music control
*Volume key keyboard cursor control
*Volume button swap toggle
*Control media volume anytime toggle
*Live volume steps
*Expanded desktop options
*option to enable/disable wake on plug
*option to enable 3 finger swipe to screenshot
*LED controls
Media & Notifications
*option to disable camera shutter sound (does not work with hdr+ mode)
*option to disable double tap camera vibration
*custom heads up options (global on/off, timeout, heads up snooze, force heads up, heads up whitelist, heads up do not disturb, heads up blacklist)
*option to disable low battery notification
*Option to disable battery saver notification


We are going to help our beloved Huawei Nexus 6P users to flash the Pure Nexus ROM. Make sure that you go through the guide carefully and follow it to the letter to avoid any mishap. While flashing custom ROMs or tweaking the device is not officially recommended by the device manufacturers, we do not hold any responsibility if in case something goes wrong at your end.


  1. This ROM is intended for the Huawei Nexus 6P only. Do no try this on any other device at all.
  2. Charge your phone up to 75% to avoid power issues during flashing process.
  3. Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP Recovery on your Nexus 6P. Here’s a complete guide.
  4. Backup your important contacts, call logs, sms messages and also copy your media content to your PC. Here’s a complete guide to backup everything.
  5. Follow this guide to the letter to avoid any mishap.

Disclaimer: Unlocking bootloader, rooting and flashing custom recoveries, custom ROMS are highly custom processes. Doing any of these will result in voiding the warranty of your device. Ensure that you’re doing everything at your own risk. In case of a mishap, TechBeasts or the device manufacturer may not be held liable. 

How To Install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Pure Nexus Custom ROM on Nexus 6P

  1. Download the latest build of pure_nexus_angler-6.0.1-20160803-OFFICIAL.zip for your Nexus 6P.
  2. Download the GApps for Pure Nexus ROM: PureNexus_Dynamic_GApps-6.x.x-20160803.zip
  3. Download SuperSU.zip beta version: Download
  4. Copy the Pure Nexus ROM.zip, GApps.zip and the SuperSU.zip  files to your Nexus 6P’s external or internal SD card.
  5. Make sure that you’ve unlocked the bootloader, flashed TWRP on your Nexus 6P.
  6. Now boot your Nexus 6P into TWRP recovery mode. To do so, turn off your Nexus 6P completely and then turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Down + Power Key. Once your phone is in bootloader mode, select recovery mode here and it will boot your phone into TWRP recovery.
  7. Create a Nandroid backup of your device’s system and boot.img under the Backup options in TWRP recovery.
  8. Now in the homescreen of TWRP, tap Reboot > Recovery and then swipe to allow modifications.
  9. Perform a factory reset using the Wipe options in TWRP and then get back to the main screen in recovery.
  10. Now tap Install > Locate the Pure Nexus Custom ROM.zip file > swipe to confirm ROM installation.
  11. Similarly, flash the GApps.zip file and after this, flash the SuperSU.zip file as well.
  12. Once done, reboot your device to system and it should launch the newly installed Pure Nexus Custom ROM.

That’s all. If you are stuck with something, reach us out through the comment box or our contact us page.

Credits: BeansTown106

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