Upcoming Smartphone Brands to Look Out for in 2015

The tech industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and the smartphone industry is no different. Every year both leading and novice manufacturers introduce hundreds of devices to the consumer. In the last two years one of the noticeable trends that has emerged is that the smartphone market is not the arena of big players like Samsung and Apple, who currently are the leading smartphone manufacturers globally, but different other manufactures are making their way to the international markets and making their mark. A lot of people would be skeptical about this aspect as to what more do these brands have to offer, well if we have a look at the quality of the devices they are producing, then a lot. In this post we will be looking at the different brands that show promise and are the ones to look out for in 2015 and can give both Samsung and Apple a run for their money.


OnePlus is definitely the company to look forwards to in 2015. The Chinese company is only a year old and with just one product ‘OnePlus One’ is competing with the giants of the smartphone industry. The company aims at bringing the ‘best technology to users around the world’ and ‘creating the best product possible’. Well the kind of reviews and buzz their first product created, they did just that, One Plus One was hailed by Times Magazine as the ‘Phone of Dreams’. The company’s journey through 2014 had been a bit bumpy due to their production issues and marketing techniques. OnePlus was not expecting their smartphone to do that well globally; they had a bit of an issue keeping up with productions, now the company assures that it has everything on track. For 2015 the company is working on bringing out multiple products, if rumors are to believe. We will definitely see OnePlus Two somewhere in Q3, apart from that OnePlus One Mini is also in the books. There is a great possibility that the company will also launch a tablet and a wearable in 2015. We would love to see how they approach the wearable, what will it be, an activity tracker or a smart watch? OnePlus has branded itself as a company which will produce a topnotch product with high-end specs and economical price, OnePlus One retailed at $300, almost half the price of high-end smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Apple. This is one upcoming brand that is set to make waves in 2015.

OnePlus Two


One of the top Indian smartphone manufacturers, Micromax is certainly on its way to make a splash in the global arena. A lot of people would be thinking how a brand that till now is based and distributes their products in India, have the potential to mark their presence in the international markets? Well the answer is evident in the company’s progress and development in the last two years, they have re-branded themselves from a company selling Chinese smartphones to one providing quality experience with affordable devices to its tech savy consumers. Micromax currently is the 10th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and the 2nd largest in India. In one quarter in 2014, their sales surpassed that of Samsung, which at that point was the market leader. It is also the first Indian company to sell its smartphones in Russia in 2014 and they brand themselves as an ‘Indian brand that is reaching out to the global frontier with innovative products that challenge the status quo’. They certainly plan to reach out to global markets and their latest offering ‘Yureka’ can be just that game changer for them. Their latest collaboration with Caynogen Inc on the new brand YU, whose first product Yureak aims at presenting not only great specifications but an affordable price too and the success of this smartphone can be gauged by the fact that the company had to close registrations a day earlier for it. For 2015 the company plans to bring out some more smartphones and tablets from their Canvas range which is one of their most successful series and we maybe we may see a Yureka 2 too.



One of the top ten smartphone manufacturers in China, Meizu is all set to compete with local and international brands like Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple. Meizu started manufacturing smartphones in 2008 and what started out as a locally based business is now creating buzz in the international markets too. Meizu’s smartphone in 2014 were well appreciated by the reviewers and consumers. The company’s philosophy is to keep on ‘developing innovative and user-friendly smartphone for consumers’. Their smartphones are characterized for having for having high-end specifications and economical prices. Currently Meizu has a presence in Asian and some European markets and they are all set to bring their products to other international markets too. The CEO of Meizu recently claimed that the company received 7.7 million pre-orders for their latest smartphone: the Meixu MX4. On 30th December the company is all set to launch their entry level smartphone, the Blue Charm. The smartphone will retail at $162 and has impressive features like: a 5.5-inch Coring Gorilla Glass display, a 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front facing camera. Apart from this the smartphone will be powered by Android Kit Kat 4.4. with Meizu’s own customizable Flyme OS and a 3140 mAH battery. Well for an entry level smartphone, the device has some impressive specifications, just imagine what their high-end smartphone would be like. Maeizu’s goals for 2015 not only include expanding their distribution in international markets but bringing out a Ubuntu based Meizu smartphone and reports till yet suggest that instead of bringing out a totally new product, the company will launching a Ubuntu powered variant of Meizu MX4. Apart from smartphones, the company is planning to bring out wearable’s, tablets and laptops too. Competitors better watch out, as Meizu is all set to challenge its local and international rivals and run circles around them by bringing out great products.


In today’s dynamic world, where things are changing rapidly and technology is pushing new boundaries everyday by experimenting and innovating, the smartphone industry now is not the monopoly of two or three big companies. A lot of new companies are arriving at the scene and challenging the market leaders and making them rethink their products. Quality, providing a great user experience and pricing are the three key areas that will define the game for different brands. 2015 is certainly going to be interesting in terms of how different manufactures challenge each other for gaining a presence in the international markets. How cleverly the companies research, strategize and plan will define how they fare in 2015.

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