Upcoming Google Pixel smartphones to stay in the premium category

Google last year introduced the Google Pixel smartphones with top notch specs and features and premium price point. Reports earlier suggested that Google for its upcoming Pixel smartphone is working on mid-ranger, similar to what Sony does its its Xperia Compact lineup. But it seems that it is not the case, in a recent interview given by  Rick Osterloh, Google Head of Hardware, he says that, ‘Pixel stays premium‘.

Well, Google’s decision to stay in the premium market makes sense, there is still space for a good Android smartphone which delivers on quality. For quite a while Samsung with its Note flagship was the dominant brand in the category. After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and the announcement of the Google Pixel, another brand truly challenged Samsung. Google with their Pixel smartphones can dominate the category provided they stick to quality and top notch specs. 

With Pixel for the first time Google’s team took an active part in designing the smartphone, setting a precedent for ‘Made by Google‘ smartphones. With the Nexus lineup Google outsourced the hardware production and have worked with companies like Samsung, HTC and LG. With the Pixel smartphones, Google eyes a device with an impeccable hardware and software integration , like the one found in iPhones. Well they were quite successful in their bid to do so, with Google Pixel landing in the top smartphones of the year list.

We are looking forward to what Google will design this tine around. If we go by last years announcement, we will be looking at Pixel 2 somewhere in September and October.



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