Upcoming Galaxy Note Tablet might dual boot Android and Windows RT


Last week we had been hearing that Microsoft has been asking HTC to dual-boot Android and Windows. Today,a new report says that along with HTC, Microsoft has asked Samsung and Hawaii the same. Whats surprising is that it asks that not for just the handsets, but for the tablets too. The sad part about it is that the report mentions that Microsoft has been asking a dual-boot for Android and Windows RT and not for Windows 8. Now, we’re not sure how many people would like that but we can surely comment that a majority might have wanted it to dual-boot Android and Windows 8. The idea may be so as to get more hands on the Windows RT for development purposes.

The report doesn’t end at Microsoft asking for it, it further goes to Samsung answering it. Supposing that Samsung has agreed and will be dual booting the upcoming Galaxy Note 12.2 that is actually a tablet on Android and Windows RT. Recalling what annoyed us the most about Windows RT was that it consumed 16GB of space on the disk. So, with the heavy 10GB Android on Samsung a 32GB tablet will have just about 6GB of space available for the user.

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