Uber makes its way to Android Wear 2.0

Google back  in 2015 announced Uber for the Android Wear platform. It was mentioned how the app would be specifically tailored for the Android Wear platform showing off different impressive features. Somehow Google was unable to deliver on this promise to date. You could only get basic notifications on your smartwatch and could not even track your ride. With the introduction of Android Wear 2.0, Uber app is making its way to your smartwatches.

If your smartwatch has received the Android Wear 2.0 update, you will be able to access the all new Uber app soon. What’s new is that you will be able to book a ride through the app directly from your smartwatch which was not possible before and you had to use third party applications to do just that. Additionally, you can get a get the ride fare estimate and even track down where your ride is.

The new version of the app is much user friendly. If complementing apps are developed which improve the functionality of the smartwatch then there is a very strong chance for the wearable industry to move beyond being stylish watches or fitness trackers. One of the major reasons that Android based smartwatches have not attained monumental success is the lack of updates on developers part and the inherent dependence of the smartwatch on the smartphones. Well the Uber update sure is s positive step in the right direction after the introduction of Android Pay. Let’s see which aspects Google works on next to improve the user experience.



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