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Apple has been recently killing the whole market sale with its not-so-recent release of the iPhone 6, and its older brother, the iPhone 6 Plus. Sure did Apple gain a whole lot of reputation over the years of their massive success, but iOS and Android can’t compete each other. Android is way more customizable than iOS is. iOS may have the finest and the most professional looks, but Android has the ability to perform such hard tasks, that it can anytime beat iOS. If you happen to be an iOS or iPhone user, then worry not! Here are some amazing top tips for your iPhone or any other iOS running device. Note that most of the tips listed below need you to be running iOS 7 or higher. Let us get right into the post!

Force Restart


Have you ever been using your iOS device, and for once, your whole UI and interface has been frozen? A freeze is something which is common on most of the Android device. If you encounter a freeze on an Android device, then you can easily roll out the battery, and put it back inside, causing the whole system to force boot. But, you can’t do that on an iOS device. I’ve encountered a ton of freezes on my iPhone and my iPad. The easiest thing to do is to hold down the Power and the Home button simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds. This will cause your iOS device to have a force restart, thereby removing you from the frozen situation.

Avoid Alarm Accidental Dismissing



A lot of users, including me have encountered this strange bug while setting an alarm on iOS 8. Whenever the alarm rings, just accidentally triggering the volume keys would strangely dismiss and snooze the alarm. This would cause me and most of the users a hard time waking up from the bed. There is a really easy solution for this. Although we haven’t found out the specific option that triggers this option, but simply resetting all the settings will let this option slip-by. To do so, navigate to Settings>General>Reset, and tap on Reset All Settings. This will disable the strange option of snoozing or killing the alarm when pressing the volume keys.

Know The Meaning Of Emojis’


Are you irritated when your friends send you weird emojis (smileys) on your iPhone? Some emojis can be understood, like the smiling emoji one. But there are some really weird emojis which exist on your iOS device. If you are a really curious person, then you sure would want to know the meaning of such weird emojis that your friends always send you. This is a piece of cake. Just navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech, and turn on the Speak Selection option from there. Now anytime you come across these emojis, just tap and hold them, then select the ‘Speak‘ option, and let Siri tell you what that specific emoji means! Now you no longer need to stay in a suspense!

 Use Your iPhone As A TV Remote


Did your TV’s remote just run out of batteries? Do you hate carrying around a big lump of brick as your TV Remote? No, obviously not! iOS as I said before, is a very powerful OS. You can even control your TV using your iPhone now! There are a lot of famous applications on the App Store which will allow you to do so! ChromeCast is a famous example. Amazon Fire can also help you to use your iPhone as a Remote for your TV. Just head to the App Store, and download the application that suits your needs the best, and make sure that you TV and iPhone are connected to the same network. Once you do that, voila! Now you can scroll between channels with a flick on your iPhone’s screen!

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