Top Accessories for Your Mac And MacBook Pro

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Most accessories for MacBook Pro can have similar characteristics to the system from Apple, which means they can be slim, they can have a nice appearance and they can be very useful. From the multitude of Macbook accessories that you could find on the market, the following can be great to have, especially because they can make your daily activities easier. Some tools can help you maintain your laptop cleaner or safer, while others can help you in your travels, provide a better sound or enhance the aspect of your system.


1. Cases

There are three main designs: sleeve, shell and hard Case. Each of these designs can have its own purpose and can have different characteristics. Cases are usually meant for protecting your laptop from damage of all types: scratches, fingerprints, dirt, or blemishes. The MacBook can still be used while it is protected by a case. For additional accessories, there are extra bags, but the sleeve models do not have them.

2. IKlear Cleaning Kit

Cases can be good for protection, but your laptop still has to be cleaned from time to time, using a special cleaning kit. Iklear is a tool used by Apple itself and it can work for other products from the company as well. The kit does not use ammonia or alcohol. In the package there are two bottles and a micro-chamois cloth.

3. Bags

You can get many types of bags that could be helpful, especially if you travel a lot. While sleeve options do not have extra pockets, bags can have much extra space where you could keep other accessories that are smaller. Bags can be resistant, durable and safe. For prices under one hundred dollars, you could acquire any color and design you want.

4. Stands

Stands for MacBook Pro can be stylish and both types of design are included: classic and trendy. The best thing about stands is that they can transform your laptop into a desktop. The occupied space is minimal. Your gadget cannot slip, because it is gripped well on a stand. The view angle could be perfect and there is a good airflow, for avoiding overheating.

5. Apple Magic Mouse

Having a mouse to work on a project on your laptop can provide the same comfort you get when you use a desktop computer. The design of Apple Magic Mouse is very trendy and has a multi touch Seamless Surface. Many users appreciate the softness, accuracy, responsiveness and delicacy of this mouse, which uses a special engine that makes it unique. No wires are needed, as it can connect through Bluetooth.

6. Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone Jambox is a set of speakers that can be used at home or in a hotel room, for having a big bass and surround sound. The system is very small and can provide amazing results, despite its size. The price is of around two hundred dollars.

7. My Book Studio 2 TB External Drive

If you need additional space to store your files or make backups, My Book Studio hard drive can be awesome, because of its large space of 2 TB. The original silver shine of you MacBook pro can match well with the one of the external drive.



This is a Guest Post by Kerry Blake who is writer of technology articles. This article was inspired by Maxfit Australia – where you can find macbook pro charger, hard drive docking solutions and other Apple accessories.

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