Top 5 Android Cloud Apps for File Storage

Mobile devices and cloud platform are seen as a match made in heaven: cloud apps can boost your device’s performance, as they occupy no disk space and allow you to seamlessly upload large files to  cloud servers. Most of the popular cloud apps are neatly adjusted to Android platform, so you can easily store and sync your files across multiple devices. Here’s the list of the most popular cloud apps your Android phone or tablet should definitively have installed:


1 Dropbox

Dropbox is still the No. 1 app in the consumer-oriented cloud storage market. Free account provides you with 2GB of storage space and a nice little blue folder where you can save almost any kind of file to have it accessible from other desktop or mobile devices you use. Dropbox lets you share your documents with anyone – including your Facebook friends –  and, most importantly, doesn’t require you to waste your device’s disk space on files or apps you use only occasionally. Still, in case of emergency, you may be sure that your most important documents are always with you in Dropbox’s blue folder.


2 Google Drive

Drive is definitively the most popular Android cloud storage app among Google fans, as it is excellently integrated with Gmail and related Google’s services and apps. As opposed to its competitor Dropbox, Google Drive gives you 5GB of free storage, which is quite enough to let you put all your most important digital files into your Android phone. Nice news for Android users is that Google has recently made several updates to the Android app, thus ensuring even better cloud experience on this platform. The upgraded app lets you manage your documents more easily, as you can now see large previews of your files and edit font types and sizes in Google Sheets.

3 Box

This is a favorite app for professional users, as Box has always been trying to adjust its cloud storage app to the needs of employees. 5GB of storage space you get with a free account lets you store and edit spreadsheets and word processing documents in a simple and intuitive interface. One of the Box’s main advantages is its ease of use and the fact that document management in it is a no-brainer even for non-techies. Also, Box guarantees a fast file upload from your SD card and the app’s overall simplicity makes it an excellent choice for all Android professional users.

4 SkyDrive

SkyDrive is the leader in terms of storage space amount it offers to free users – it gives 7GB for free to anyone who registers for the service. With this amount of space, you can easily manage Microsoft Office files and enjoy the advanced features of Microsoft’s cloud app. The look and feel of Microsoft’s new metro style app is the same on Android as it is on Windows 8 surface tablets, although the integration is reasonably better on the latter. Still, a service such as SkyDrive is definitively an app any Android user should love.

5 SugarSync

Earlier this year, SugarSync Android app has undergone a complete redesign with version 4.0, which made it look similar to desktop version in both style and features. The new interface lets you easily search your documents, upload files from your SD card and safely backup all your valuable Android contents. As opposed to Dropbox for example, SugarSync allows you to upload whole folders and send them to the cloud, which may be its best advantage over Dropbox and similar storage apps that don’t offer this option.

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    I prefer Quite new, but perhaps the new dropbox.

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