Top 3 Spying Apps For Android

The Google Play Store has been around for quite some while, and there are all types of applications available on it. Some are simple utility applications which get your work done easier, while some are entertainment applications to cheer you up when you’re stressed.  There are some other applications available on the Google Play Store which are Spy applications, and let you spy on some other persons’ phone. In this list, we have the top 3 spy applications for Android.

top 3 spying apps android

SPY Message:

spy messages

Want to secretly send a text message to one of your friends, but not get caught? SPY Message is an application which satisfies such needs! With SPY Message, you can control all of your send text messages in your inbox itself. The one feature that brings it to our top 3 list is its ability to self-destruct a message. If you don’t want someone to read a secret text message, there is an option which will automatically delete the message sent to a person. This will ensure the privacy of your text messages, and they will be kept safe with this application. SPY Message also has a very beautiful UI, with all the modern style elements.

If you want to download SPY Message, click the link below.

Download: SPY Message.

Automatic Call Recorder:

Automatic Call Recorder

Want to know what your friend/family member is speaking with his/her friends? Although this isn’t a true Spy application, this can still be used to record and listen to personal conversations between two people. All you need to do is install this app on the persons’ phone whom you desire to spy on, and then enable it with just a simple tap. Everything that they speak to is recorded, and then saved in a file. Automatic Call Recorder features three great mode:

1) Record Everything: With this option enabled, everything that the person speaks is recorded and saved in a file on the device.

2) Ignore Everything: When this option is enabled, nothing will be recorded without your permission.

3) Ignore Contacts: If you trust the contacts that on on your friend’s/family member’s phone, then this option may come in handy. What this option does is that it simply doesn’t record conversations with feed contacts on the phone.

If you want to download Automatic Call Recorder, visit the Google Play Store link below:

Download :Automatic Call Recorder.

3) Hide Calls Automatically:

Hide Calls

Unlike the other applications in our list, this one is for your own privacy and safety. If you are a secretive person, and some of the contacts on your Android device are personal, and you don’t want anyone else to view it, Hide Calls Automatically is an application specifically made for you! With this application, you can hide contacts which are on your device, into a secret location. Once you download this application, you can access it by calling “1234” on your phone’s dialer. Cool, right?! Then you need to enter the secret PIN which you’re gonna have to set before. After that, all the contacts that you hid will appear, and now you can make calls. If you get a call from one of the personal contacts which are guarded by this application, you’ll just hear a notification beep, without any sign of it. So none other than you’ll know that you received a secret call.

If you want to download and use this amazing application on your Android device, follow the link below:

Download: Hide Calls Automatically.

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