Tips to take Better Photos with your Smartphone

Life is all about the small moments we live in and enjoy. The best way to make those moments an everlasting memory is to capture them with your camera and save them for life. In the current generation, everyone is carrying a smartphone wherever they go, may it be to the next block or to another continent. So, we all always have that little magic device which will help us capture all those beautiful moments of our life. Taking photos with a smartphone and posting them on social media has become a massive trend in the recent past. So, why not learning some tips to take better photos with your smartphone?

Today, we will share you some tips for better photography but you should remember nothing will beat your creativity. To popup a good picture, you need to be creative. The quality of the picture depends on the camera sensor on your smartphone, but you can create wonders even with a 5-megapixel camera. Here are some great tips to take better photos with your smartphone.

Tips to take Better Photos with your Smartphone

1. Don’t Use the Zoom Functionality

Using the digital zoom is the most common mistake people make while capturing the pictures. It degrades the photo quality and you would end up with a blurry image. So, it’s better to avoid the digital zoom while taking pictures. Instead, you can adjust your position to get a good picture.

Moreover, you can always take a normal shot and crop out the unnecessary parts instead of taking a blurred shot. So, next time you take a picture, better not to use the digital zoom on your smartphone.

2. Say No to Flash

The flashlight might help you take better pictures in dark but they do more harm than good in most of the scenarios. Avoid using flash when the subject is near to the lens and reflective surfaces, otherwise, you’ll end with a bright light in your pictures.

Also, it’s recommended not to use flash in modest lighting conditions or good light conditions. If the natural light or any other source of light is giving you enough light to take good pictures, it’s a bitter waste to use flash.

3. Don’t be in the Dead Center

While taking photos or selfies, don’t keep the subject in the dead center. Always follow the ‘rule of thirds’ while taking photos, which is to keep your subject at one-third of the frame and avoid anything in the center. It will make your picture more creative and better looking than the picture with a dead center subject.


You can use the camera grid in your camera app to get a better hang of this rule. The grids will help you hold the phone at a correct angle, so you’ll get a perfect shot with good alignment to the background.

4. Use various filters

Most camera apps are providing tons of filters to make your photographs awesome. Don’t always stick to the normal mode, try various color filters and check which one is capturing the mood. Most of the cool pictures come as the result of extensive trail and error while deciding the filters.

Sometimes, using a B/W filter will produce mind-blowing pictures (Well, I love black) while sometimes a faded out frame can give your picture a refreshing look.

5. Use Photo Editors

It’s true that I’m fed up with all those photoshopped pictures where the originality is missing but it’s great to use photo editors up to some extent. After taking a picture, make use of photo editors to give your picture a clean look but don’t overdo it as it will lose the originality. Just adjust the brightness, shadows and other things in the picture and give it a good polaroid frame to give it a new avatar.

6. Keep the Lens Clean

Finally, make sure you always keep the lens clean unless you want mysterious smudges in your pictures. Take a good fabric and just polish the lens gently.

Let us know if these tips helped you capture better photos on your smartphone.

Naveen Robsworth

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