These Funniest iPhone 6 Bend Jokes Pictures & Videos Will Give You A Hard Laugh


The last 2 days might have gone ill for Apple, and nothing can get more worst than that. All the smartphone giants, and all the biggest tech stakeholders taunted the worst jokes at Apple and gave birth to a hashtag “#bendgate” to salt at Apple’s wounds.  According to Apple, there were only 9 iPhone 6 cases that were reported, but the matter of the fact is, it iPhone 6 bent in some skinny jeans, and this proves that the material, that Apple has been showing off as the best build quality is not that much great. While Apple is still trying to clarify and get out of the situation being safe and sound, the world is laughing, those laughs are not coming to an end. Just in case you too want to know what’s going around, here are some of the funniest iPhone 6 Bend jokes in pictures and a video, let’s go through em’ and learn about this matter a bit more.


The iPhone 6 roller might help you to get your bent iPhone 6 Plus to its original shape in a few seconds. It seems to have a nice name, iRoller might be the next expensive device by Apple.iphone-6-bendgate

iPhone 6 Repair Kit

Looks like this is going to be the next big hit in the Apple stores. Just in case you happen to be the iPhone 6 bend vitcim, this iPhone 6 repair kit might do the job for you to get your iPhone 6 back to its original state. Oh Yeah! it doesn’t cost that much, only $17.95 to fix a $800 smartphone.iphone6repairkit

Fan-made Galaxy Note 3 Ad:

One of the Samsung Fan made this picture that simply makes Apple iPhone 6 bow down to the Galaxy Note 3 and states “Bend to those who are worthy”. That’s one hell of a taunt by the way.iphone-bend-worthy-640x440

KitKat: Since KitKat is in partnership with Google regarding Android 4.4 KitKat, it surely won’t leave a chance to pinch Apple and look what it just did. KitKat really doesn’t bend, it breaks.

kitkat-iphone-6-640x515Lovoo: Lovoo simply shows the similarity between a Banana and the iPhone 6 Plus. Says you may want to carry one Banana alongside your iPhone  6 Plus.


Pants for iPhone 6 Plus

Users on twitter seem to have ordered the new baggy jeans to put their iPhone 6 Plus in pockets so that it doesn’t bend anymore. That’s a cool solution, Apple might pick up this idea and start selling these pants alongside their iPhone 6 Plus.Screen-Shot-2014-09-26-at-8.00.38-PM-640x707

LG Mobile USA

LG Mobile have their G-Flex, the Curved Android Smartphone up since a long time, and they just found the perfect thing to advertise their phone and take a jab on Apple. They say, their phone doesn’t bend, it just flexes and does the purpose.

Screen-Shot-2014-09-26-at-8.08.50-PM-640x538Dali Edition iPhone 6

A nice suggestion given to Apple by PhoneDesigner. Apple might consider this Dali Edition iPhone 6 in order to get rid of the bendgate and bend issues with the iPhone 6.

Conan O’Brien Uses His Comedic Genius And Imagines Samsung’s Ad

It wasn’t too late for the Comedians to take over the bendgate jokes and they came up with something to laugh at as well. Conan O’Brien imagines what Samsung will be doing with Apple now. Make sure that no one’s watching you while you play this ad and laugh hard.

That’s all. We do not own any of these images, All these images and the video is collected from random sources. The credit goes to their respective owners.

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