The Smart, Powerful and The Wireless- Apple Watch Series 3!

Alongside the highlighting products iPhone 8, 8plus and iPhone X; Apple also launched its much-anticipated iWatch Series 3!

Apple has been always very keen on keeping its unique user base intact and for that matter, Apple really does strive pretty hard. The fruit of some of that hard work is the Apple Watch Series 3! It’s smart, fast and wireless (yes! That’s right; we’re also taken aback with excitement).

The LTE feature is the most head turning out of all which means that you can still use your iWatch without having it connected to your iPhone or keeping the iPhone near at all! Apple really did mean it when it said that “the future of technology is Wireless”.

Here’s a breakdown of features that Apple released;

1- Cellular Connectivity

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with an eSIM which allows the user to attend calls right on the watch even if the iPhone is not nearby (yes, you can definitely leave the extra baggage of your iPhone home and still stay connected to your loved ones and workplace contacts). eSIM allows the connectivity of the iWatch with the iPhone. The display of the watch serves as the antenna for the 4G LTE and 3G cellular connectivity; which means live streaming of music as well!


2- The Improved Hardware:

A W2 chip has been inserted in this series that allows a fascinating 85%improved performance with Wi-Fi and that too with half the power usage than its predecessors (the world has been saved, we agree) A dual core processor has been also installed that works 70% faster than the previous one and hence, Siri can talk more easily!

3- Design

Apparently, the size and basic outlook of the display of iWatch series 3 is similar to the series 2, however, some exciting band colors and designs have been added! The watch comes in two new colors Black ceramic and Gold Aluminum.

4- The WatchOS Update:

Along the release of iWatch Series, a new watchOS update would also be coming out! This has some exciting features added to it.

  • Machine Learning would allow Siri to present more relevant and user-friendly data on the watch. The one that suits your interest which means no updated data cluttering!
  • An updated Activity App would be personalized and would allow you to keep track of goals and history so that you stay motivated!
  • An automatic updating of the Apple music playlists in fresher looking album art window.
  • Throw your apps on side by just rotating the dial and you’re back to a refreshed home screen.

5- The iWatch Bummer!

Well of course, there couldn’t be a perfectly done product now, can it be? The flaunting feature of the iWatch Series 3 is its wireless connectivity, but guess what? It’s not available for all! The iWatch comes in two variations, one with the cellular connectivity worth $399 and the non-cellular connectivity for $329. Also, the cellular connectivity would not be available just around any corner of the world, currently it would work only in the countries in the image.


6- Release Date:

Pre-orders would be available on September 15th and the watch would be officially released for sales on Friday, 22nd September.

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