The iPhone X Rumors That Never Made It To The Final Cut

With the revelation of the iPhone X features, it is pretty evident that many of the rumors about some specifications of this futuristic iPhone were false. Some of the news revolved around the iPhone having a fingerprint scanner just like the Galaxy Note 8 and some people enjoyed spicing up the rumors with their notions! Oh well, let’s burst the bubbles and help you differentiate the false news from the authentic ones! The critics have spoken and pinpointed the features which did NOT make to this Apple’s smartphone. Many of you might be heartbroken right now, as some of the rumored news seemed pretty tempting!


The Fingerprint Scanner You Might Be Missing!

Alas! There is no under-glass and concealed fingerprint scanner in iPhone X, like it was rumored. This feature was present in iPhone X’s rival: Note 8. And all of those looking for this biometric option might be disappointed right now. iPhone X do have its innovative Face ID though, which builds a 3D map using a dot pattern.  However, it has been reported that Qualcomm and Vivo are working on this and the future iPhone might come with this feature too.


No Bezel-Free Wrapped Around Design At All!

Although the news of Apple iPhone X being slim, smart and as light as a breeze, is pleasing for everyone. But, some people are missing the rumored curved and wrapped design of iPhone X. No doubt that the iPhone X is user friendly and has an appropriate size of 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches. It is definitely lighter than a feather. The design is sleek which makes it easy to manage and use. Having a bezel free design might have made it hard to handle and use. So, we reckon it is a blessing in disguise that this rumor turned out to be false. As the popular Galaxy Note 8 also comes without any vertical bezels and the horizontal bezels in Note 8 have been reduced to a small portion, we already know the struggle regarding handling this phone. And believe us, it would have been disastrous without ANY bezels. However, still fantasizing the rumored curved display with no bezels might have ruined it for future iPhone X buyers! We feel for you.


Transmitter Based Wireless Charging? You Can’t Be Serious!

iPhone X was rumored to get charged wirelessly and without any charger in a highly unusual way. But the problem was that even if it was made possible, you still have to be near a transmitter to get your phone charged. It might look fast and easy to use, but still might come with a lot of complications. We are, however, hoping that Apple brings this feature in its future iPhone. As claimed, Energous is working with various electronics companies to make this possible in near future.

No Apple Pen Or Stylus With iPhone X!

In all the recent comparisons between the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8, a point regarding iPhone X missing a stylus has been made. No doubt, a stylus is great for creating, drawing and writing. With the news regarding the launch of Apple Pencil, the world was excited regarding a stylus accompanying the new iPhone. But there expectations were not met. Experts say that the art lovers should wait more till an Apple pencil complementing the size of iPhone X is designed.

That’s one more design


No Rumored Ugly iPhone Design We Were Dreading!

So recently, the news of a really hideous iPhone X design sprung up everywhere and to be honest, we were quite upset about it. It’s not that we do not like the idea of a really tall display screen without edges and the back side having Touch ID. And we certainly are not hating on some popular and smart phones like Pixel and other LG’s handsets that came with fingerprint scanners on the rear side. But still, we don’t think that having the Touch ID below the Apple logo, at the middle of device was best of the ideas. Good thing that this design turned out to be fake.  Yay!


We think that the current Apple IPhone X is diverse and versatile. And it is going to change your life altogether with flawless Portrait mode selfies, fast A11 chip, Face ID, augmented reality and Animoji. We all can see that there is a lot of silver lining with the release of iPhone X and iPhone X is a refreshing addition in the iPhone family. It is great in regards of ergonomics. This is just our opinion that however, the rumors that didn’t turn out to be true, happened for the best. Do you think the same? Should the future iPhone models come with the fingerprint scanner at the back? Feel free to let us know! Your opinion might be heard.


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