Text based statuses make their return in the latest WhatsApp Beta update

Well look whose back? WhatsApp text based statuses. Things seem rocky for the messaging app after they introduced SnapStories clone in WhatsApp. Now they are bringing back the text status feature if the beta update is something to go by. What happened to individuality and working on unique features?

Beforehand users could only set text based statuses showing people what they are doing or thinking. WhatsApp decided to spify things up and introduced Status, which would allow users to set images and short videos as statuses. If you have used SnapChat Stories, you have a pretty good idea as to what WhatsApp wanted to do.

Even though the feature allowed you to block people whom you do not want to share your statuses with even then there didn’t seem to be much of an appeal. With WhatsApp you are connected to not only your family and friends but people you know professionally. If you are unable to share your ideas openly because of the fear as to who might look at it, this limits the possibility of connectivity. With SnapChat you have a selected group of people with whom you are connected which id quite different from WhatsApp.

Well it seems that the good old text based statuses are back if the latest beta update is something to go by. This does not mean that Status bar is going away, it is here to stay but your beloved text statuses will be making a comeback for good. As soon as this update rolls out to all, you will be able to find this feature in your Profile Section and customize it according to your will.



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