Tech Meets Fashion: Apple’s Blingy iWatch

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Want to make a statement? Just go ahead and pre-order the custom Apple Watch from Mervis Diamond for the price tag of $30,150. Intrigued and interested as to what Apple is going to offer you in the mentioned price tag, well so were we when the reports about the watch started swirling yesterday. The frame of the Apple watch will be encrusted in 18-karat rose gold and band will consist of eight rows of 15 carat diamonds. The watch will sport a sapphire glass display. This is not the first time Mervis Diamond is galmming up an Apple product, in 2010 they brought out the iPad encrusted with diamonds.

Apple has already made it clear that they want to market the iWatch as a luxury fashion product. To market the potential of the new wearable for the Fashion industry they even invited the top fashion editors and bloggers to the unveiling event of iPhone 6, where the plans for iWatch were also made public. The iWatch also made an appearance at one of the high-end concept boutiques, Colette at the Paris Fashion Week in September, where Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld and Vouge’s editor Anna Wintour graced the event and even tried on the gadget. Maybe Apple in the future may collaborate with one of the famous fashion houses on the iWatch and brand it as the must-have fashion accessory.

Apple isn’t the first company to target the fashion world to market their wearable, FitBit recently collaborated with Tory Burch for a brass laden FitBit Flex bracelet and Case-Mate with Rebecca Minkoff to create smart jewelry like the chain link bracelet which would alert the wearer about calls an texts. Alev Aktar is of the view that:

‘if wearable tech is to live up to its potential, it needs to start looking better.’

Looks like Apple is definitely following that line of thought, it would be interesting to see how successful the company is in its bid to market their iWatch as a luxury fashion product.

Diamond-Encrusted Apple iWatch by Mervis Diamonds

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