Taking Failure in a Stride: Amazon on Fire


Even through Amazon’s bet on their smartphone Fire didn’t go according to their expectations, but the company is determined to re-asses and experiment in the Tech Arena. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, talked about the company’s venture into smartphone at the Business Insider annual Ignition conference on Tuesday.
The Amazon Fire is considered to be one of the most unsuccessful smartphones of 2014 with a lot of critics hailing it as a ‘flop’ too. Due to its low sales, last week the company reduced its price to $199 .amazon fire phone feature

Despite all this Bezos still believes that his company’s gamble with Amazon Fire will eventually pay off. He said that the company will continue on improving the initial design by assessing and analyzing what went wrong the first time around.
Well Amazon isn’t the first company whose venture into tech has failed. If they learn from their failures and mistakes, which Bezos claims that his company is built on, then they have a great chance of coming up with something great in the future. Bezos believes in work, experimentation and innovation, and this he thinks has been the hallmark of Amazon.
What the company brings next, till yet is unknown, but to make it into the tough market they have to learn from their mistakes with Fire and bring something great.

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