Easily Stop WhatsApp from Auto-downloading Photos on iPhone

Whatsapp is best cross messaging platform for smartphones and its also top number 1 but unfortunately, there is an issue with Whatsapp while using on iPhone. Whatsapp starts auto downloading photos on iPhone i don’t like this, but  after the recent update of Whatsapp now you can prevent photos and videos from auto-downloading. In the following guide I’ll guide you how you can Easily Stop WhatsApp from Auto-downloading Photos on iPhone.

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How To Stop WhatsApp from Auto-downloading Photos on iPhone:

  1. First of all Open AppStore on your iPhone.
  2. Now tap on Updates tab.
  3. Find Whatsapp in the list tap on update.
  4. Wait for Update to be complete.
  5. Now open Whatsapp on your iPhone.
  6. Tap on setting of Whatsapp.
  7. Select Chat Settings.
  8. Now tap on Media Auto-Download.
  9. For each option ( Images, Video and Audio ) select Never, Wifi, Wi-Fi and Cellular.

How To Turn off Auto-Download in WhatsApp:



Please do tell me if you face any kind of issue regarding this guide. This guide will help you to stop WhatsApp from Auto-downloading Photos on iPhone.

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