Sony Xperia Z4 Bond ‘Spectre’ Collaboration in works

Sony will be giving its upcoming smartphone the Xperia Z4 celebrity treatment. The latest email leak hints that Sony is in talks with Sony Pictures Entertainment for product placement of their Xperia Z4 in the upcoming Bond movie, Spectre. Wow, wouldn’t that be interesting to see, Sony giving its high-end smartphone a start-studded experience.

The email sent by George Leon, Sony’s executive vice president of consumer marketing division to CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainmen, Michael Lynton, give details about the product-placement pitch. Not only are details about the products given but information about the financials of the whole campaign are also there. Daniel Craig will be getting $5 million using the Sony devices.


The concept designs presented in the email to give the movie team an idea of how to use such devices in the movie show a different design than what we have come to expect from Sony. The new smartphone presents a futuristic look with clean, sleek cuts. Apart from a smartphone, a new wearable is also in the books. The same design aesthetic as chosen for the smartphone is being extended to the wearable. If the designs related to the smartwatch materialize than Sony with this does indeed have a game changer.

This move can definitely salvage the Sony smartphone brand, their devices are good, but somehow their sales do not reflect this aspect. Due to dismal sales, Sony for 2015 has announced to cut their product lineup and focus on a few devices. The product shortlisting along with smart marketing campaigns can definitely work in the company’s favor.

If the collaboration does indeed goes through then this probably is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to Sony smartphones. This is a good strategy on the company’s part to appeal to the movie goers by connecting the brand to a James Bond movie. We would definitely love to see some limited edition products related to the movie. Only time will tell if this deal really does go through and gives Xperia Z4 a chance to walk the red carpet with Daniel Craig.


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